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    Texas red title question

    Does anybody have experience with transferring a Texas red non-negotiable title.
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    4XE vs 392 Wrangler

    What is everybody’s thoughts on the 392 and 4EX? I have been seriously considering getting a 392. A couple months ago I called around to a few dealers, actually found one equipped like I want, but everybody wanted $15k over sticker for them. I know new cars are in a state of insanity (as is...
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    Stacey David’s Gearz

    Gearz Scrambler ‘Build’
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    Cowl Panel - Best replacement

    I am looking for a replacement cowl panel. Is the Omix-ADA a rebranded MD Juan? If not, is one better than the other? If MD Juan is better, does anybody know of a source? I tried search for a MD Juan cowl, but none came up for sale. Their site only lists 1976 - 1978 cowl panels. Is this the...
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    Postal at Collins Brothers

    I was watching a Coffee Walk, and noticed a Postal in Collins Brothers yard. Anybody have any info / details on it? Still has Alaska plates. CPV 358
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    Dana 60 vs 60S

    Does anybody know the differences between a “Rear Super 60” as used by GM in their 1 ton vans in the mid 2000’s vs a standard Rear 60 as used in most vehicles prior to 2000? I have found a BOM 2001889-1 for a decent price, but will it accept normal center section parts? I am planning to...
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    Holley Sniper EFI for BBD Carbs

    Here goes, I got tired of finicky carbs and crossing my fingers hoping the overlander would start. So, I bit the bullet and bought a Sniper EFI kit. I bought the ”master” kit that includes the fuel system upgrade components thinking that is how I would plumb it. Above is what comes in the...
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    Coolant Temperature Ports

    Is there a difference between the 2 ports on the intake in front of the carb? Both of these ports had vacuum switches in them, so I am assuming either will work for my efi temperature sensor. Correct?
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    Ignition Module

    So.... what should I do? I have a puddle of resin on the fender under the vapor canister from the stock (original) ignition module. I’m certain it is still working as the engine runs (poorly due to carb issues, I think). I can: 1. Leave it as-is and run it 2. Clean it up and repot it...
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    Auto Transmission Wiring

    I am working on identifying all the under hood wires on the overlander. I have 4 wires running to a plug on the side of the transmission. One wire is black, runs to the starter solenoid, that is the neutral safety switch. One is red, runs to a multi-tap. I have no confirmed it, but I think it...
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    AMC cross pollination - Postal/Overlander Shifter

    Was passing time, and discovered the Bricklin SV-1 with the AMC 360 V8 and Automatic Transmission used the same floor shifter as the Postals and Overlanders. (Also used in the AMC Gremlin & Pacer) Just thought it was interesting the Bricklin SV-1 had lots of AMC parts in it.
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    Sizzling hot!

    Hagerty has placed the Scrambler in the top 10 collectible vehicle. Guess our hobby might be getting a bit more expensive. I kinda hope this is a fad and it passes with the prices falling a bit, but that is just because I’m not done collecting yet.
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    World Cab Parts

    Due the the recent eBay auction and discussions about parts that may or may not be included with that top I am starting this to help anybody that may be assembling a world Cab. The below picture is of the trim pieces that I received with my Postal World Cab. The piece at the bottom is for...
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    Jewelry for the Overlander

    I have been collecting new lenses for the exterior lights on the Overlander. It looks like Jeep Addict had replaced the front turn signals, but they are already starting to crack, and the rear lenses are looking a bit sad. So far I have gotten this: Top 3 taillights are lenses only, bottom 3...
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    AC Condenser Options

    I am collecting parts & pieces to add AC to the overlander. Does anybody know if the JeepAir Condenser fits? https://jeepair.com/condensers/grand-wagoneer-cj-comanche-oe-parallel-flow-replacement-condenser.html I already ordered the evaporator from Cold Master...
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    Early 258 12wt Crank to TF999

    I am considering rebuilding an engine for my '83. ('98 4.0 block, 12 counter weight 258 crank, custom pistons...) In researching this I found, "The early 258 crank was designed for use with the Borg Warner automatic, and requires an adapter to be used with a Torqueflite automatic." Is there...
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    Master Cylinder Rebuild

    Rebuilt the master cylinder on the Overlander. When I unloaded it from the trailer I used to take it to the VIN inspection it lost all brakes. Just rolled across the yard until it decided to stop. Good thing it stopped when it did, as I had about 10 more feet and I would have had to decide...
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    World Cab, road trip?

    Anybody up for a road trip to get a world cab? Llanero
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    Brake repairs

    I am working on getting the Overlander road worthy, and first stop (no pun intended) is BRAKES. The current master cylinder has these clear sight bowls on the side. Any idea on if this was stock, or if it was an Aussie thing? Another interesting thing is how they used tubing to bring the...
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    Wow, I can't belive it happened.

    Let me start this out by giving a huge thanks to Tommy and his wife. The two were so patient while I was looking the jeep over and talking to my wife to be 100% sure I was making the right decision. So, I was bit by the Srcambler bug when a coworker had one as a hunting vehicle around 2005. I...