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  1. red mistress

    84 Sherwood SL & dozen Jambo

    Guess who on forum got ... Nice 2 low mile collectible original rust free paint.
  2. red mistress

    Dash plaque quiz?

    I found only ONE known to exist 1/25: NOS prototype special package dash nameplate; historian & answer to hardest "Jeep CJ Trivia" ! :cheers::woohoo::woot: :usflag: This special package CJ nameplate is so rare that there never was a part number assigned. I've got to take it to jeweler to...
  3. red mistress

    Mud Scrambler - Must be Red Dents are fine, some rust fine

    I need another Scrambler :crazy: But for MUD :headbang: For keeping at duck slough and riding around swampy land. It's gotta be Red or not interested whatsever. Dents and some rust (not much) are preferred which will keep me from making too nice to truly enjoy. :angry: Orginal paint &...
  4. red mistress

    86 CJ-7 White Laredo 427 miles

    Not really a limited edition CJ but worthy none the less: Sold at Mercurm Auction in Dallas 40,000 + 2400 buyers premium http://www.mecum.com/auctions/lot_detail.cfm?LOT_ID=DA0912-135704 Looks like a brand new CJ not even ever greased ! Loaded out with A/C & Cruise and looks like CJ Casette...
  5. red mistress

    Red Jacket JK-8 with Jay Leno

    Well the master collector Jay Leno now remembers Scramblers. http://www.jaylenosgarage.com/video/2012-jeep-red-jacket-edition/1384635/
  6. red mistress

    2006 lJ Rubicon 3800 miles

    Been looking for nice LJ Ruby for while and finally found one with uber low miles and adult owned. I had a 2007 JK and it's not really a Jeep. Looking for ideas how to trick out. Highline fenders Front winch & rear tire swing buvnmpers. 35 or 37" BFG Long arm with race bumptsops. Maybe...
  7. red mistress

    Factory exhaust

    Anyone have pictures of factory exhaust shown with the Jeep SE step bumper?
  8. red mistress

    Oriental Red Original Paint refresh with NOS

    This is more of a freshening up and cleaning of my 82 Oriental Red Original Paint Scrambler. The 82 as purchased.... is extremely nice it really doesn't need much ...but I am a perfectionist. IMO the only way to improve it's appearance is with NOS parts....so going to use some rare stuff up...
  9. red mistress

    Jeep Beach Daytona FL - May 11-15

    Looks like it's as big a show as PA Jeep....and more laid back. Check out the video of Jeep parade on beach: http://www.jeepbeach.com/photos.php Wife and I are going to spend 10 year anniversary at Jeep Beach this May. (Honeymoon to Moab in 2001) Yea, I'm lucky to have great wife !:bow...
  10. red mistress

    Full hardtop question

    This is dumb question...but I've never had or payed any attention to how a full hard top mounts on Scrambler. Specifically does it bolt from underneath bed rails ......or mount with clamps like a truck bed cap? Or are the different brands attach differently?
  11. red mistress

    Red Scramblers in FL - Mercurm Auto Auction

    I was picking up some parts & Excursion in GL, met memeber Jack. Anyway, saw there was 2 Red Scramblers (both automatics) in Mercurm auction....so just had to check them out. The 84 was restored very nicely, used origional guages etc..and had ACME full hardtop. V3Jeep Shop had their cards...
  12. red mistress

    Factory Photo's Thread

    These look to be Factory photo's from before Scrambler was released. Check out the emblems and Laredo hood lettering: Chocolate (which AMC color is that?) one must of been pre-production or artist rendering. I searched and couldn't find thread on factory photo's so with new Historical on CJ-8...
  13. red mistress

    CJ embossed door panels

    What Jeep CJ are these door panels correct for? Have the CJ embossed into them. http://i226.photobucket.com/albums/dd178/RedScrambler/DSC01232.jpg Spring Special ?
  14. red mistress

    86 Scrambler...Unicorn

    Buddy of mine found a Grey origional paint Scrambler titled as 86. It's lived its whole life in dry West, TX. Had engine fire, so was parked early with 60K miles. Got the AMC 20 rear. Has a 86 EVER been found?
  15. red mistress

    Export CJ hood latches ?

    OK alittle nuisances of Jeep CJ question... particuarilly to export CJ's. Anyone ever seen these hood latches with the black rubber where U unhook hood? I seem to remember seeing a picture in old literature with the black rubber on a CJ. :shrug...
  16. red mistress

    87 J20

    Well I'm getting tired of CJ's and really enjoying finding stuff for the Gladiator.:shrug: Check out what guy in Moab did to a 2 door FSJ Cherokee....Hemi:) http://www.ifsja.org/forums/vb/showthread.php?t=89280 The Gladiator is taking me forever as I'm way too much of a perfectionist with my...
  17. red mistress

    82-85 roll bar price?

    What is going price of nice roll bar with seat belt threads. no holes for wood side rails.
  18. red mistress

    Racin Rudy

    Got to meet in person, heck of nice guy........ Even after being in truck for solid week. Thanks for bringing the Gladiator truck back from AZ. And espicially paying for it, and trusting me enough to pay U for it in TX. :thumbsup:
  19. red mistress

    Fold-N-Tumble rear seat in Scrambler ?

    Anyone ever put a Fold-N-Tumble rear seat in Scrambler ? Before bedliner I moved the rear seat back to give rear passengers legroom. I made some nuts from square stock and welded them underneath for the fixed rear seat. http://i226.photobucket.com/albums/dd178/RedScrambler/DSC01038.jpg I've...
  20. red mistress

    Which lockout hubs for Stock wheels with center caps?

    I've been searching for couple years to find a set of factory chrome 8" CJ wheels. I bought a set of painted 8" and tried to get them chromed, but 3 different chrome shops couldn't get the chrome into the groove where wheel and center part are joined. So after giving up on 8's and getting set...