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  1. certifiablejeep

    Aftermarket Wheels - Hurricane lug nuts

    Never knew this... went to put on this old school tire combo last night and the lug studs don't protrude to get lug nuts on. Bummer. My guess is either longer studs, but that won't take up the slack in the holes, or something like this https://www.summitracing.com/parts/wld-601-1426 I have...
  2. certifiablejeep

    Gauging Interest before eBay - Print Magazines

    I am in the process of cleaning up a lot of "stuff" to make room for more items in the office. Basically I have 15+ years of Magazines I have kept going back to 2000, some maybe before that. The quantities are the most towards the top and less as it goes along: JP Magazine Four Wheeler...
  3. certifiablejeep

    AMC Stained Glass

    Not sure where exactly to put this, but my wife made me this for my birthday last weekend... it is amazing and a great present. cb
  4. certifiablejeep

    Interesting... Hagerty says to sell...

    "Scramblers have had their day"... "fully priced"... discuss... https://www.hagerty.com/articles-videos/articles/2018/03/23/suvs-to-buy-sell-or-hold-in-2018 cb
  5. certifiablejeep

    Dana 30 top of housing markings

    I have always seen these, but never had 2 right next to each other to show the differences in how the little arrows go. What are they for? cb
  6. certifiablejeep

    SJScrambler - Getting Started

    SJ stands for my daughters initials, not a SJ, although I am sure people read it and scratched their heads. Second, 5.5 years ago, I wrote "and having another little one running around in September... so I guess that means I need to build ANOTHER scrambler for her as well"... well guess what...
  7. certifiablejeep

    Auto Transmission Identification

    I got these 2 transmissions last night in a large parts haul. I will admit, I know nothing about automatic transmissions. I assume it is a TF904 / TF909, but I guess it could be a 727. I haven't put the cover back on the manual one, but I assume it is a T5 from the looks, but could be a T4 I...
  8. certifiablejeep

    Too many egg nogs?

    Or does a center cap remind you of Valders helmet? cb Sent from the garage
  9. certifiablejeep

    Happy Birthday JerseyJeeps (Eric)!!!

    I have to be up and out early tomorrow to bring the little one to Boston Children's Hospital (she is fine, just a checkup). Because of that, I will not be able to see what is going on and wanted to wish a very happy birthday (early) to a good (old) friend. Here is my advice: Have a great day...
  10. certifiablejeep

    What is that I see in the distance?

    part #2 coming shortly... any guesses how I spent my lunch? cb
  11. certifiablejeep

    Models ain't what they used to be

    Year, correctness, accuracy... all out the window with this one. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Newray-Die-cast-With-Plastic-Jeep-CJ7-1997-Red-NOS-SS-50913-LE-1-32-MC-73E-/272021196412?&_trksid=p2056016.m2518.l4276 I am not usually one to complain about a small thing, but there are at least 10 things...
  12. certifiablejeep

    Fuel Line Routing to Fuel Pump - AMC I6 to AMC V8 conversion

    Just noticed last night when I was looking at the frame rails and new stainless lines that the main fuel delivery line comes up the passenger side. The 360 swapped in has the fuel pump on the driver side. Was just looking to see solutions to what people have done (pictures appreciated). If I...
  13. certifiablejeep

    Jeep 1/2 Top and Bulkhead Information

    I got this the other day and I can't find a manufacturer mark or any info about it. Guy I got it from said a company in PA made them back in the day. Fiberglass top and bulkhead, sun roof and rear slider. I am sure someone would love to have it, just need to find out who makes it and what it...
  14. certifiablejeep

    Early 1/2 top - Black in NH

    Up for sale is a black 1/2 hard top, no seat belt holes, one small area of fiberglass peeling. http://nh.craigslist.org/pts/4987637853.html I will be heading south soon, so if you are interested, I might be able to get it closer to you than coming all the way up to NH. Craig
  15. certifiablejeep

    Postal Rat Rod?

    Looks like a DJ to me, just stretched and lowered a lot. cb
  16. certifiablejeep

    My first selfie!!!

    I figured I would see what all the rage was about selfies... I guess I am too old to get it :shrug: :D *The only reason I posted this was the Jeep grille in the mask reflection... couldn't do that again if I tried this stupid thing again!!! cb
  17. certifiablejeep

    Caption this T-shirt Picture...

    Yes I am wearing it today, it was a Christmas gift, I am conflicted. cb
  18. certifiablejeep

    2 Additional Christmas Packages

    In preparing gifts this year, I ended up with a few extra goodies. After talking to BW and the whole Secret Santa, I wanted to do something else. So, Secret Santa aside, I wanted to give away 2 more Christmas presents/packages (I don't want anything in return, just some good Holiday Cheer and...
  19. certifiablejeep

    Funny CL ad

    Not mine, but it does explain a few things about New Englanders ;) http://worcester.craigslist.org/pts/4731461352.html cb 1997 lincoln , the last car you'll ever buy - $1300 (Royalston) Good day my fellow hooligans. For sale is a mobile baby making station. This lady of the night has seen...
  20. certifiablejeep

    Happy Birthday Eric (Jersey Jeeps)

    Another year older and another year with more Jeeps... can't ask for more :) cb