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  1. wm69

    Factory console lock question (trying to get it rekeyed)

    Hoping for a quick response on this, as I dropped the lock off at a locksmiths. Hoping he could have it keyed to match my door key. It is currently unlocked, and apparently to get the cylinder to change the wafers, you hold the latching lever down and it turns another 45 degrees and slides...
  2. wm69

    Horn relay?

    Green CJ7 hasn't been driven much since the arrival of daughter #3 in July of 2019. My middle kid is turning 16 next month though, and she's set her sights on the green CJ. We've swapped in a better driver's seat (old one had a lean, and likely a rusty frame), changed the oil, air filter...
  3. wm69

    20 gallon tank cleaning

    Paid for an OEM 20 gal tank several months ago from a guy in Central Arkansas. Finally stopped by to pick it up this weekend. I already had a 20 gal skid and tank in good condition to eventually put into the Scrambler, but it was missing the little flap/mounting bracket thingy on the...
  4. wm69

    Cheap Mobil 1 on closeout/ Walmarks

    Probably not much good for our CJ's, but we all have other rigs that we can use this stuff in..... This one is on sale almost everywhere. https://brickseek.com/walmart-inventory-checker/?sku=466895197 These are hit or miss. https://brickseek.com/walmart-inventory-checker?sku=935258375...
  5. wm69

    Tire clearance at wallyworld again

  6. wm69

    Crappy factory paint and moldy interior

    Got the Scrambler out this morning for some long overdue exercise. Filthy from sitting under the shed (really need to get a cover for it) and the seats, door panels, and inside of the top have mold growing on them, presumably from condensation/ moist air. The other concern is the crappy...
  7. wm69

    Odyssey battery sale

    Still pricey as all-get-out but better than paying retail! Through 11/17. 20% discount with code ODYPG19. includes batteries, chargers and accessories on their website.
  8. wm69

    Oil closeouts at Walmart, Rotella T5 10W30 and DELO full syn 5W40

    For those of you who are bargain hunters like I am, here are some closeouts that wallyworld has at what appears to be most stores now. To pull up what your local stores have, click the link, key in your zip code, and it will pull up stores in your area and what their computer says they have on...
  9. wm69

    Goodyear 31x10.50x15's on closeout at Walmart

    Click the link, key in your zip code, and it will pull up stores in your area, pricing, and what their system says they have on hand. Most around here are still at $89/tire, but there are several at $59/tire. Normally I use the "view barcode" on my phone, have the associate scan the barcode...
  10. wm69

    Steering issues, think my AGR box has crapped the bed

    I installed a Superbox 2 from AGR, along with an AGR pump about 10 years ago. Jeep probably only has 7-8K miles on it during that time. When to drive it the other day and the steering is hard to turn. Initially I thought "bad pump" but after watching everything to make sure there wasn't a...
  11. wm69

    Non-Jeep people

    A while back I referred a newish Scrambler owner to this board. He posted up on FB and was looking for nutmeg seats, and I remembered that a member here was nice enough to GIVE away some extra parts that he wasn't using, among them, some nutmeg seats. I pointed him to that thread, and the...
  12. wm69

    Talk to me about 1985 XJ's

    Local family has an 85 XJ for sale that runs and drives for $500. Looks like these early XJ's had a 2.8 V6 that didn't have a good reputation, and a 904 Automatic (possible CJ donor?) Pros and cons of the early XJ's. For that price for a running and driving 4x4 I'm tempted.
  13. wm69

    Auburn Gear Ected....who has one?

    Just ALMOST ordered an Auburn Gear Ected....it was for a 2.73 AMC20 so the price was right, and I like the idea of having an all time LSD with selectable locker out back. Anyhow, who's running one, and anything I should know before I buy it?
  14. wm69

    Anyone running security cameras?

    Got two bikes stolen last night. One wasn't 10 feet away from me. Was watching "The Ice Pirates" with the kids, heard a noise that I assumed was my parents taking out their dog (next door). Few mins later mom knocks on the door, and when I let her in I noticed one bike on the ground (the...
  15. wm69

    Jeep SE running boards?

    Are those SE running boards on this tan Scrambler? I remember seeing an '8 locally when I was a teenager with those diamond plate running boards on it. Dad always complained about the wide-tracs throwing mud down the side of the Jeep, and when I pointed those out he said the dealer had offered...
  16. wm69

    CJLaredo's oil and volt gauges

    Anyone see these? http://www.ebay.com/itm/351604702847?_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT Looks like CJLaredo is having them custom made in the US. Wonder how they stack up to OEM? Gotta be better than the Crown and Omix crap.
  17. wm69

    Anybody got an old 8274 with a good gear logo decal on top?

    Local guy is doing some repop decals, and is looking for a mint/near mint Warn gear logo 8274 Decal. Anyone have one in good shape?
  18. wm69

    Anyone around Kingston GA that can help?

    Seller had a set of oem chrome wagons for $100. I don't have any way to get them until I go to the inlaws (Alpharetta) to visit. Can anyone here pick them up for me? I can get the seller paid, but they won't store them.
  19. wm69

    Impact wrench

    Wife got me a compressor for our anniversary, so now I need a decent impact. I'd like to keep it as cheap as possible, but know you get what you pay for with tools. I'm a hobbyist so don't need a thousand ft lbs, but need to break loose the occasional stubborn bolt. Looking at this setup. Is...
  20. wm69

    2.5" lift installed, now have a vibration

    Well, finally got the extra axles under my hunting Jeep. 2.5" Rancho springs with new shocks, and locked stock axles with 3.31's The ubolts came with aluminum shims for the springs, which I knew not to use, and after reading that with a 2.5" lift that shims usually weren't necessary, I opted...