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  1. walkerhoundvm

    Help me pick stripe/decals

    For me, it's the 90* kick at the end of the 81/82 decals. I don't know what I'd call it, sorts like ski tips. But the stacked slope thing at the front end of the 83/84 are cool too. Made it look fast like an 80s buddy cop show's car.
  2. walkerhoundvm

    Remembering: where were you on September 11th

    I was in my second year of vet school in upstate NY. We were in the middle of a ruminant lab, looking at stomach fluid under microscopes. Got out of lab and ran into one of my mentors who told me about the first plane. Went to a row of computers and pulled up the news to see the second plane...
  3. walkerhoundvm

    Side Rails and Roll Bar Mounted Spare.

    I believe the side rails were an option throughout production, but were much, much more common in 81 and 82 - maybe AMC was cranking them out thinking people would like them only to find out that market research showed otherwise. The rollbar mounted spare was available sometime in the late...
  4. walkerhoundvm

    Current Scrambler pics

    I know that look!
  5. walkerhoundvm

    Current Scrambler pics

    That tire cover looks like a father's day present. I like it :)
  6. walkerhoundvm

    Current Scrambler pics

    Definitely not original, note the sharp angle of the cutouts and the depth of the rims.
  7. walkerhoundvm

    Help with some pricing on wheels

    Perfect rims can get $100/ea+. Marginal rims that'll clean up nice, $75ea (some of yours look like they might fall in this category). Pitted, rusted rims - $25ea maybe. Center caps go for $20ea+ depending on condition.
  8. walkerhoundvm

    Jeeps as landmarks

    If you know, you know:
  9. walkerhoundvm

    The fire dept brush truck Scrambler Part 1

    Very nice, sometimes it pays to be persistent.
  10. walkerhoundvm

    What's wrong with my temp gauge?

    No problem. It's sitting on a shelf in my garage if you decide to go that direction. Resistance is 21ohms, and I have a spare jumper as well. (y)
  11. walkerhoundvm

    What's wrong with my temp gauge?

    I do have a spare - working condition unknown but i can un some resistance tests if need be?
  12. walkerhoundvm

    Meet Red, my 81 Restomod Build

    I know it all too well. More so since I bought the Gladiator.
  13. walkerhoundvm

    Meet Red, my 81 Restomod Build

    NEXT time will be perfect, right? ;)
  14. walkerhoundvm

    My 85' Restoration

    I have them as well. They were welded on, and secured with bolts through the frame + brace cylinders inside the frame. They aren't going anywhere.
  15. walkerhoundvm

    Available Tops for Scrambler

    At the bottom of your post, next to "report" there's a little down arrow. One of the options there should be "edit." If it's not there, it may be because you're a basic level member.
  16. walkerhoundvm

    Available Tops for Scrambler

    There was a top made by grizzly - couple old posts but the photos got lost after the server changeover several years ago. https://www.cj-8.com/threads/full-length-hard-top-database.26431/ https://www.cj-8.com/threads/scrambler-full-hardtops.5904/...
  17. walkerhoundvm

    What's wrong with my temp gauge?

    Not exactly easy, but not the hardest thing to do. Plenty of swearing involved, though. They can be tricky to work on, ground faults are an easy mistake to make. Problem is, the aftermarket replacements are terrible. If I ever need to replace mine again, I'll just go with a Speedhut...
  18. walkerhoundvm

    Back in a Jeep!

    Fronts look like Besttop or similar, not OEM.
  19. walkerhoundvm

    What's wrong with my temp gauge?

    What's your fuel gauge doing? In my experience, the fuel gauge tends to go first, which tends to cause problems with the temp gauge since it depends on the fuel gauge feed for...voltage, I think? I can't recall.
  20. walkerhoundvm

    New Member/New Scrambler Owner

    Welcome Bob! Post some photos when you get a chance!