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  1. FLCJ8

    Win A Scrambler

    Just saw this... https://www.quadratec.com/c/blog/bantam-jeep-heritage-festival-puts-rare-jeep-grabs Probably need to act quickly. Only 2000 tickets will be sold.
  2. FLCJ8

    Moab Trip Suggestions

    Hey guys, so kind of a late post. I’m looking for some suggestions for places to go in Moab. We are staying in downtown Moab on Main Street. We have our stock GC Trailhawk, and are looking for suggestions on scenic trails in the area and nearby National Parks. We’ll be here through Saturday...
  3. FLCJ8

    Interesting Cart For Sale

    Not mine, just thought it looked interesting. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/224832231639710
  4. FLCJ8

    TJ/LJ Rubicon Help

    I know a few members also own a TJ/LJ Rubicon. I could use some help from anyone that still has the factory transfer case linkage. I was reminded again why I don't like having anyone work on my things. I've checked the FSM and found different images of the linkage arrangement. Also, for...
  5. FLCJ8

    Questions For Current/Previous NV Members

    Possibly relocating to Reno area. Looking for first hand information on solutions to pass Washoe County, NV emission tests with an '83 that no longer has any emission devices. Any input on the pros and cons of making the move to NV also appreciated. TIA :usflag:
  6. FLCJ8

    GM, Ford, And Others Want to Make Working on Your Own Car Illegal

    Not sure where this is going. http://news.boldride.com/2015/04/gm-wants-to-make-working-on-your-own-car-illegal/76702/ I'm not sure if this can possibly be true, but it sure is food for thought.
  7. FLCJ8

    Colorado Fires

    Just wondering if anyone has heard from our fellow members in Colorado. I'm not familiar with their locations in relation to the fires, but I know several members have Colorado Springs listed as their towns. As a firefighter I've witnessed the devastation that hurricanes and fires cause. (We...
  8. FLCJ8


    After taking my 8 out for it's maiden run, I discovered problems with articulation. I'm running SUA, but that's not the problem (yet). My droop is being limited by my brake hoses in the front, and the parking brake cables in the rear. I'm running disc up front and 11" x 2" drums in the rear...
  9. FLCJ8

    Brake Upgrade Help

    I'm looking for suggestions on upgrading the brakes on my '83: I have replaced my rear 10" with 11" drums, the front has stock discs. All calipers, wheel cylinders, brake lines,shoes and pads are new. The drums and rotors have been turned. I'm running 32's. These are manual brakes. I have...
  10. FLCJ8

    New Scrambler ?

    Yet another teaser: http://www.car-truck.com/chryed/buzz/b070202.htm
  11. FLCJ8

    Half Door Grommets

    Does anyboby know where I can get the grommets for the window frame posts, for the upper windows on the half doors. The dealers in this area are no help. Thanks.