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  1. AK-RWC

    Jeep bed

    I bought the plans for this on Etsy before my daughter was born because we knew we’d need my son’s toddler bed back to return as the crib. And although we did make it back into a crib, it took me until COVID to actually decide it was time to get his mattress off the floor. I modified the plans...
  2. AK-RWC

    Let’s talk windshield frames

    I went to get my Flowmasters replaced with a set of MagnaFlow (I had a baffle come loose and the rattle was driving me nuts). They looked at my 401 while it was in there. They neglected to latch the hood, and my safety catch has never really worked. Good hoods are easier to come by than...
  3. AK-RWC

    Photobucket is back?

    https://support.photobucket.com/hc/en-us/articles/360004314254-Welcome-to-the-New-Photobucket- http://photobucket.com/beginner-plan/ I'm actually willing to spend the $20 to get rid of ads too.
  4. AK-RWC

    100 more HP

    So I finally got my Scrambler in to a local shop called Underground Performance. The owner is a wheeler, but really made his mark doing custom performance tuning with his dyno. I realized a couple years ago it would be infinitely more efficient to get my own fuel and timing maps dialed in if I...
  5. AK-RWC

    CJ-7 Limited question, because I have to win Facebook

    What was the production run for the Limited? Was it just 1982 and 1983? (Because I thought they were available for more than just two years.) How many were produced? How many were sold? (Someone is claiming 2500 were to be built, but only 300 actually got made/sold. I thought the Jamboree...
  6. AK-RWC

    I made it in the Aqualu advertising materials!

    And they even have my Jeep as the featured customer rig on the front of their webpage at the moment! Woot! Too bad it's before I got the front bumper done. And I still need to make a rear bumper. It looks naked, even with bumperettes.
  7. AK-RWC

    Museum postal in The Frozen Ground

    Independent film starring Nicholas Cage, John Cusack, and Vanessa Hudgens, that got screwed on distribution. It went straight to iTunes and on-demand, so it didn't get a major theatrical release. It was actually filmed here (an APD buddy of mine is in it early on, playing a State Trooper) and...
  8. AK-RWC

    What did you do with your Scrambler today? September 2013 version

    Pulled the 10W-30 VR1 from the Scambler (~1500 miles on the oil) and put it in the postal, to make room for 20W-50, to make sure I've got good oil pressure for my dyno appointment in three weeks. My wife came out and helped with a postal tune-up: plugs, wires, cap, rotor, air filter. Three...
  9. AK-RWC

    Welcome to the new Scrambler owner Badco!

    One of my best friends (who already has a NICE 7 and a postal that doesn't run, and doesn't have a title) made a bomb run up to Fairbanks to look at, and purchase, a Scramber that I found for him on Craigslist. Relatively rust free, and original except for an MPI kit and a bad 2.5" lift...
  10. AK-RWC

    Possibly five (5) postals for sale

    Gentleman, A friend of mine with five (5) postals is seriously considering liquidating her fleet. I believe she acquired them all from the same person, who bought them as a lot from the auction. Only one of them ran when she got them, and that was the one that she did SOA on, put on some...
  11. AK-RWC

    A very special package, . . .

    . . . soon headed to a very special board member:
  12. AK-RWC

    Bump stop plate function?

    Since 1997, I've been pondering the question: what is the purpose and function of the bump stop plate? From an engineering standpoint, I can only surmise that it helps distribute forces more evenly to the frame when using an OEM-style rubber stop. Particularly with a polyurethane stop, they...
  13. AK-RWC

    I went to Adak to go hunting for a week over New Year's...

    ...and found a Scrambler! Oh, and I came back with three caribou and four ptarmigan. No, I did not bring back the Jeep.
  14. AK-RWC

    soft top for hard doors

    I thought my postal-parts-pile came with two half-cabs (both for soft doors), but hardware for only one. I was wrong. I ended up with - OEM blue half cab, with all hardware, for full hard doors - OEM soft door frames with BesTop skins - a BesTop Replace-a-top for a YJ, with bows, but no...
  15. AK-RWC

    Steel CJ replacement glovebox

    For anybody who is paying attention, I've got a postal project going now wherein I will be using an old-school reproduction tub. I pulled the dash and found behind the glovebox door, much to my surprise, a STEEL glovebox: I have no idea why they would have made such a thing given that...
  16. AK-RWC

    Postal Pseudo-resto (in AK)

    I have no business doing this given that my "regular" Scrambler still needs work. It will end up living outside for the next several months. Step 1: Back it off of my buddy's trailer and drive it out of the storage unit over to the condo. Step 2: Clean off all the crud before it snows again...
  17. AK-RWC

    Postal history questions?

    It turns out that the guy who auctioned all the postals is a client. He's fairly certain he still has the original file, which lists all the VINs and their mileages at the time of the sale. He said the USPS only gave him 210 to sell, so presumably 20 were lost/totalled by the USPS. He...
  18. AK-RWC

    Postal question: is a patched tub better than a replacement?

    Would it be "better" (however you want to define that term in this context) to patch an original, but very sad, postal tub, or to replace the tub with aftermarket sheetmetal, swapping only the firewall to keep the right-hand drive? Please discuss. I'll be drinking coffee. :popcorn: Or maybe...
  19. AK-RWC

    Oil filters: what's the largest capacity? (Canadians, this is especially for you)

    NAPA lists three filter models that are all compatible with the AMC-era Jeep engines (I'm focusing on the V8s here, but the 258 is listed using the same filter as the V8s in many years, but not all, and I've never figured out why). I've run them all. One is definitely tiny. I try to avoid...
  20. AK-RWC

    Aftermarket speedo/odometer question

    I don't want to go to an aftermarket speedo because I think they look funny. But my current speedometer needle "bounces" at low speeds. Once I get up to 25-30 mph it's fine, but I can't figure out why it does what it does. Even when it was still the CJ-7, it would bounce if I tightened the...