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  1. jbeemer

    Any Vintage Tractor Aficionados Here?

    The antique that gets used the most of ours is the Farmall Cub. It spreads the used hay from the 6 horses about three days a week. And I usually rake a little hay with it for fun. :D
  2. jbeemer

    Any Vintage Tractor Aficionados Here?

    We have a 36 BO that my wife's grandma bought new at the local fair in 1936
  3. jbeemer

    Current Scrambler pics

    Seems weird to see mine on the trailer.......to many people and supplies heading North this week.
  4. jbeemer

    Dana 300 sight tube

    This is what I've always done......
  5. jbeemer

    Current Scrambler pics

    Waxed some of the Michigan pin striping out today
  6. jbeemer

    Current Scrambler pics

    Waiting for fire works last night at Silver Lake
  7. jbeemer

    Electric Fan Question-

    I have the Lincoln fan with a autocoolguy controller. Works great , quiet, no big surge amp draw.
  8. jbeemer

    Thoughts and prayers for Mr. Beep/Toby

    Sending Prayers.......
  9. jbeemer

    Let’s see your drive by wire pedals

    I used the pedal out of the 2016 Silverado that match the engine. The fit was close, but I was worried about breaking the plastic during the heavy right foot operation in the dunes. So I made a wedge so the pedal touches the floor when it hits 1000% throttle. That way there is no flexing of the...
  10. jbeemer

    My old 1981 SCRAMBLER returns 25 years later

    Wasn't planning on it........but I haven't heard anything about it till twice today. Was it a big issue? Need to do some more research....
  11. jbeemer

    Someone called it a TJ 6

    No words............Just pure AWESOME :bow::bow::bow:
  12. jbeemer

    Let’s see your LS air filter setups

    Mine is pulling cold air from the cowl
  13. jbeemer

    My old 1981 SCRAMBLER returns 25 years later

    Sooooo, a couple weeks ago I took the scrambler out in the deep snow. It wasn't quite warmed up. When I turned into the 2nd field it was waaaayyyy deeper than I thought. It hadn't been worked or mowed all year so the grass and weeds held the snow in..........about 3 feet..........but very...
  14. jbeemer

    I want to be like the LJ guys

    I was going to start on a lower divider where the windjammer mounts. I want to make a semi-permanent "bulkhead" out of vinyl. It'll have several cross straps out of webbing for strength. Then I plan on adding pockets for my kinetic rope, trail saw, soft shackles, tree saver, and such. However...
  15. jbeemer

    Kids wanted to get pulled on a sled.

    Behind the Scrambler probably not safe...... Quad spins a lot....... Golf cart....... Or Ruby
  16. jbeemer

    My old 1981 SCRAMBLER returns 25 years later

    Finished up my rock lights today. so after 6 years all of the switches in my switch panel are functional :bacon:
  17. jbeemer

    Exhaust Manifold O2 Sensor Bung Hole

    I've cut off and welded shut a old sensor a few times :rotfl:
  18. jbeemer

    My old 1981 SCRAMBLER returns 25 years later

    In between working on the new top. I did get the front speakers mounted to the new cage. I picked up some made in the USA enclosures. Made some aluminum backing plates. And screwed them to the top of the cage. I'm not sure if I like how low they hang..........They're above line of...
  19. jbeemer

    I want to be like the LJ guys

    Did a couple more little details. The passenger side vertical door frame is done. I bent it up out of 3/8" tubing, then flattened the top. With the flat top I machined a .090" slot in the upper frame, which keeps the door frame from twisting. Also makes removal easy. Just remove the 1/4 turn...
  20. jbeemer

    I want to be like the LJ guys

    That was some leftovers that came from JoAnn Fabrics years ago. ....but sailrite is where I would get it these days.