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  1. Wayne

    Choke Thermostat Question

    Hello: I am having issues with my themostat that is coupled to a BBD 2 barrel Carter carburetor. The jeep will start and run at idle, but when I try to run it - it splutters and I cannot give the Jeep any gas - I just cleaned the carburetor. I installed a new choke pull of (the old one was...
  2. Wayne

    Where does this go - Windshield Motor Wire/Plug

    I thought I was doing a great job labeling wires and numbering wires until I was putting the dash back. There is a plug on the end of the wire from the wiper motor and I did not label it. Does it go to the back of the wiper switch on the dash? Thank you.
  3. Wayne

    Wire Diagram

    Can anyone recommend a good wire harness diagram for the 82 Scramber inline 6. I have printed a couple, both were different and some of the items on the diagrams do not cross reference with my Jeep. In December I took the front end of and removed the dash - labeled everything. Over the Iast...
  4. Wayne

    Where do you jack up your Jeep

    Hello: I tried looking through other posts to see if this was already addressed - im sure it has, but I cannot find any info on the subject. I have a stock 8 with 33' and I want to take the two fronts of at the same time - where underneath do you jack her up to do both? Also - what about doing...
  5. Wayne

    Battery Tray

    Is there a place where I can buy a battery tray - just the tray. My supports are in great condition but the tray needs replacing. Thanks.
  6. Wayne

    Caulking and Silicone

    Hello: What would you recomend for the following. 1. What caulking would you use when bolting the fenders back to the fire wall and the sides of the grill? 2. What would you use on the windshield rubber weather seal when you attach the windshield to the top cowl panel? Thank you. Wayne.
  7. Wayne

    Fender Paint

    Hello: I drive in SWFL so I do not drive in snow and salt. I just removed the fenders and cleaned the insides out and want to apply fresh paint. Since I am driving in FL could I just use a rustoleum paint or would anyone advive another kind of paint to put inside the fenders. Thank You. Wayne.
  8. Wayne

    Radiator to frame attachement piece

    Evening: Last time I took the grill of my Jeep the attachemant that attaches the bottom grill to the frame was pretty rusty. I want to take the grill off again and want to change that rusty part out at the same time. What is the correct name for that part and where can I buy one? Been hunting...
  9. Wayne

    Front Frame Cover

    Where is the best place to buy a front plastic frame cover? Some of the prices i'm seeing out there are CRAZY.. Cheers.
  10. Wayne

    Sticker Question

    Hello: Does anyone keep these stickers on there CJ8? Has anyone ever replaced them and if you did - was there a certian company that you got them from, or did you go to a local sign shop?
  11. Wayne

    One Man Tub Removal

    I am wondering if just one person physically remove a tub from the frame? I would like to try to take the tub off this fall - but I’m wondering If I can do it in my own? I’m sure the more people the easier it is. But with the correct tool, can it be done with one fella?. Also - what kind of...
  12. Wayne

    General lift question

    So my 82 is stock with 31's. If I wanted to do a slight lift the lowest I could go would it be a 2" lift? If it is could I run 33's? The rear diff is an iron duke and shame on me cause that's all I know about it, would I need to upgrade that? I just use the Jeep as a daily driver around town...
  13. Wayne

    Rookie Mistake On Fuel Pump

    Hi: My jeep motor is hesitating a bit when I give it gas. I put a new fuel filter on and since I cannot remember the last time I put a new fuel pump on I replaced it also. I did not take a photo of the pump before I removed it. I am confident that it is intstalled the same way as the old one...
  14. Wayne


    What battery would anyone recommend for the inline 6. The Jeep is in FL if it make a difference. Not sure what cracking AMPs to use. Thank You. Wayne.
  15. Wayne

    General Power Steering Question

    Hello: I Hope everyone had a Happy Christmas. I just found out the my cap with dipstick is missing from my power steering reservoir (inline 6 motor) Does anyone know where I can buy just the cap? I really do not want to buy the whole unit. Thanks, Wayne.
  16. Wayne


    I do not have the money to buy a T5 tranny or the money to buy a new drives shaft, or the time. So I just need to buy a new/ rebuilt SR4 trans. Any ideas of where to buy one online? I am confident I can buy one for less money than the local shops are pricing a rebuild. Thank You, Wayne.
  17. Wayne


    Awhile back I asked about tire size on a stock 8 and WM69 said I could go with a 31X10.50 15 - I had BF Goodrich 30X10.50 15's on her. I got the money together and a local mobile tire company installed 4 tires OTD for $811.00 I got BF Goodrich I have had the same brand on the Jeep since 1992 -...
  18. Wayne

    Would these tires fit???

    Any know if these would fit a Scrambler with no lift? https://tampa.craigslist.org/hdo/wto/5959808509.html Thanks, Wayne
  19. Wayne


    I have been driving BF Goodrich All Terrains 30X9.50R15TL's for the last 20 years of diving the Jeep and now it is time to replace the tires again. I want to go with 31X10.50 to see if i can get a little bit of a different look for the jeep without a lift kit. I believe they should fit? The...
  20. Wayne

    Any Jeep Radio Ideas Out There...

    Hello everyone: I want to add a radio/cd player and descent speakers to my 8. I will consider going with an original radio but from what I have seen the original radio is just the AM/FM radio which is all they had back then? Where is the best place to buy an original radio with CJ8 speakers...