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  1. urchinhead

    Horn Button

    I pulled the horn button off in the first step to diagnose the horn that has never worked on my Scrambler. I quickly realized that everything was functional without the horn button. I straightened out the slightly bent metal and cleaned everything up, but still have the same issue. This looks...
  2. urchinhead

    Ford 7.3 Godzilla swap?

    I started looking into this, as parts are available to bolt to an NV4500, and this is a modular motor pattern. The ECM has not been officially released, but it will be soon. I can’t figure out how high the motor sits with the intake. Any info out there?
  3. urchinhead

    CJ-8 Registry

    Whatever happened to the registry website? It looks like it has not been updated since 2010.
  4. urchinhead

    1981 Technical Service Manual Help

    Greetings fellow Scrambler owners. I am not new to CJs, but new to CJ-8s, and new to this site. I recently purchased an all-original Scrambler that I am planning to upgrade, but keep original looking, as far as interior, paint and trim. I purchased a reproduction technical service manual from...