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  1. mhinchliffe

    What flaring tool are you guys using? Just want an idea.

    Thx in advance. Not looking to work with any stainless tho
  2. mhinchliffe

    Acme Hardtop Rear Hatch Lift Cylinders - with Part Numbers

    Here's what I used and they worked out just fine. Even included 4 ball socket ends. $22 off the amazon
  3. mhinchliffe

    Happy Fathers Day!

    OK Dads, It's our day to enjoy the big and little CJ's in our lives. Have a great day and well wishes to all.
  4. mhinchliffe

    Warn AMC 20 Rear Full Float Axle - Installation Instructions

    Scan of provided installation instructions. Credit Warn Industries, Inc.
  5. mhinchliffe

    Warn CJ AMC 20 Rear Full Float Axle - Installation Instructions

    Scan of provided installation instructions. Credit Warn Industries, Inc.
  6. mhinchliffe

    Any of you NOVA guys remember this place?

    Been there a really long time ago. Searched them up and they went out of business in 2000! I can confidently say that they had the coldest beer I've ever had the pleasure of drinking. I'm sure Leesburg has changes in the last 20 years too.
  7. mhinchliffe

    Name this part.........

    No idea. It was in a box of "stuff" on the shelf. I'm thinking part of the hood prop rod? What say you?...... Thanks in advance
  8. mhinchliffe

    What would be your choice for a throw out bearing?

    Mine has a little over a thousand miles on it and it's shrieking like nobody business. I'm leaning towards NAPA and would hope some of you would chime in with your experiences. Also, if there's a Timken p/n any of you all have that would greatly help and be appreciated. It's for a T-176. Thx...
  9. mhinchliffe

    Acme hard top thread

    Finally getting around to my Acme. I got it the same day I got my 8. It was in Marietta Ohio and I gave $800 for it and a set of matching 2 window glass doors. I’ve spent a little time on the rear latch guides as well as sanding and painting the rear hatch. The biggest hurdle to this point has...
  10. mhinchliffe

    A little help here; where does this bolt go?

    I found this on my bench amongst other fasteners in the shop where the 8 lived for the past couple of years. What is it fo and where does it go? Thx for all the input!
  11. mhinchliffe

    Kayline soft top installation instructions

    I'll scan and pdf this for whomever wants/needs it. Randyzzz was nice enough to include it with my purchase.
  12. mhinchliffe

    Store bought complete exhaust system

    What have you all seem for complete OEM type systems available through NAPA or such. I'm looking for a quiet, stock type system to purchase. Thanks for the suggestions.
  13. mhinchliffe

    Salvage Yard Thread

    Guys, Post up any and all salvage yard finds here. I know there's a "Craigslist Gold" thread so let's keep it to the good old salvage yards/U-picks. Thanks (done at the request of a friend)
  14. mhinchliffe

    Just changed my Avatar

    It's with my silver 8 now and includes both the 'lil ones! Happy New Year
  15. mhinchliffe

    Happy Father's Day

    Enjoy guys. If you're going to buy Jeep parts today is the day to do it.
  16. mhinchliffe

    How about a guess where I am thread?

    18 deg N - 64 deg W Mrs CJ-8 and I had the whole beach to ourselves!
  17. mhinchliffe

    Is my rear driveshaft in correct

    as it states......
  18. mhinchliffe

    You gotta love a NASCAR motor in a CJ

    Welcome to North Carolina boys! <iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/425DG50wIJo" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>