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  1. PetesCj-8

    100 questions

    I have a manual pedal assembly if you need it , and by the looks of those you do. Pm me
  2. PetesCj-8

    Epic fails

    Still have the frame to be used as a Cj truck build sometime soon
  3. PetesCj-8

    Epic fails

    I have one of those black ice fails. Woke up on the side of the road looking at the bottom of the Jeep
  4. PetesCj-8

    Current Scrambler pics

    I found Markness profile pic on Facebook the other day. 😂 Definitely a selfie 😂.
  5. PetesCj-8

    Thoughts and prayers for Mr. Beep/Toby

    Glad to hear your home Toby. Many more prayers for your recovery. 🙏🏻❤🙏🏻
  6. PetesCj-8

    Little “Life Change”

    Congrats for sure. I bet we'll all enjoy seeing whats coming. 👍🏻
  7. PetesCj-8

    Thoughts and prayers for Mr. Beep/Toby

    Sorry to hear this Toby. But glad your on the road to recovery. 🙏❤
  8. PetesCj-8

    SJScrambler - Getting Started

    If he doesnt have them I have a set. Just let me know.
  9. PetesCj-8

    Gr8Dain's 4.0/aw4 swap from a 97 XJ

    I had the same thing happen to mine when I had it out for awhile. I figured I did something to it in the time it was out. I used zip ties( only heavier) through the fins on my current Cj to secure the temp probe for the electric fans. The probe itself goes through the fins and I had no problems...
  10. PetesCj-8

    Can someone identify this top

    They look like doors from an Acme top but I never saw a Acme half top. Maybe an original Cj-8 half top with the doors from a Acme full top? It would explain the fitment issues.
  11. PetesCj-8

    SJScrambler - Getting Started

    Wow. Guess he really liked the Weber style air cleaner. So after opening up the 304 it wasnt cost effective to use I presume? Pretty rotten for something billed as a rebuilt motor.
  12. PetesCj-8

    Aluminium slot prices?

    Looking at the ones in Norristown arent you? ?
  13. PetesCj-8

    Scout the Scrambler

    I'm just trying to figure out how those bumper end caps survived. ?
  14. PetesCj-8

    SJScrambler - Getting Started

    Wow that really sucks. I just bought a "rebuilt" carb on line. Couldn't tune it to save my life. I'm not good with that sorta thing (hence why I bought one) so I finally took it to a shop. Diaphragm leaked , venturi tube bent and the power valve was blown out. Not on the same scale as what...
  15. PetesCj-8

    Gr8Dain's 4.0/aw4 swap from a 97 XJ

    I need to start doing this. If I took my parts to work my projects would get done alot faster. ?
  16. PetesCj-8

    Dash lights questions

    Thanks Dave I appreciate it. I'll have to do a search and look for LED's. Appreciate the input. ?
  17. PetesCj-8

    Paint colors for 82 model year

    Thank you. Your my new best friend. ?
  18. PetesCj-8

    Paint colors for 82 model year

    I used to have all the paint codes from Busted Jeep. Kinda what I'm looking for.
  19. PetesCj-8

    Paint colors for 82 model year

    Thank you Mike. I'm going to be looking for a lighter blue. This won't be a restoration but I may use a color from another year. Ice Blue is a favorite of mine.