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  1. John N

    What's best installing a TH350 into 82 çj8 or having old 3speed automatic transmission rebuilt any advice would be appreciated.

    Get the original rebuilt. It’s a very common Chrysler transmission, it should be a simple rebuild for most any transmission shop.
  2. John N

    Diesel Lander

    Nice looking wheels though.
  3. John N

    My Newest Project - Me !?!?

    Great to hear Raymond!
  4. John N

    Current Scrambler pics

    I rarely even put the tonneau cover on, it’s more in the way of using the bed. It is a cleaner look with it. No real tips about it. When I bought the Scrambler, years ago, it was included.
  5. John N

    Current Scrambler pics

    I got the half cab back on for winter, sort of a sad day, but took it out of the garage for a couple of pictures. Stella insisted on getting in on the pictures, but she has been to one National Event.
  6. John N

    Starting over

    I’m sure it’ll be awesome going by what you did on Paula’s.
  7. John N

    Any Vintage Tractor Aficionados Here?

    Tractors yes, but not really antique. My oldest is a 30 year old 870 Deere. My son has a Ford 5000 from the mid ’70’s that still gets put to work. I’ve got a couple of much newer JD tractors too.
  8. John N

    Getting a PA title with an out of state Bill of Sale

    I managed to get a title on a 1951 M38 that a friend gave me. He never had a title in Ct. Virginia issued me a title, but it was a pain in the a$$. My paperwork was rejected multiple times before they issued a title. I’d say that if you really want it, get a friend to help and get a title in...
  9. John N

    Looking for some rock sliders

    4 x 4 Land in Topeka, Kansas. The owner is a member on here and comes to every National SOA event.
  10. John N

    switch to EFI...

    I’ve got a Howell tbi system on my 360. It’s simple, easy to install and has been reliable. It’s also supposed to be the same as a GM factory system.
  11. John N

    Steering box bracket

    The issues that you will run into using them is that you will have to notch the back of the front crossmember and it will place the hose connections to the steering box under the radiator. Both are a pain in the a$$. Sorry.
  12. John N

    T5 transmission any good?

    My reasoning…I have 2 feet, hence 2 pedals. It works for me.
  13. John N

    GREATCJ8 Restoration V3

    Great progress!
  14. John N

    Quite a few Scramblers in this video.

    We started with some light rain on day 1, but overall it was pretty good.
  15. John N

    Quite a few Scramblers in this video.

    Pretty much, we’re all on here….. I was the tail gunner. JeeperDD/Dustin was the lead. Others will jump in and id themselves.
  16. John N

    100 questions

    1974 is disk front on a J-10. I have one in the barn.
  17. John N

    They want to buy the forum... again. Membership thanks and explanation.

    Thank you to you and Matt. I’ve been around here a long time.
  18. John N

    Hardtop Hoist Advice

    I built one using a hand crank small boat trailer winch, some eye bolts, pulley and short straps. It works decently when I’ve used it, but now it’s keeping my kayak in the garage ceiling.
  19. John N

    360 carb options

    Go straight to a fuel injection setup and save yourself a lot of grief, I wish I had. I wasted a lot of time, effort, money and frustration on carbs before I put a Howell TBI on mine.