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  1. Kiko

    Knock Knock

    Coming from a lifelong Bengals and Seahawks fan. :) Giants, Vikings, Buccaneers, Jaguars, Skins, and Steelers...knock knock. Who's there? Owen. Owen who? Owen Three.
  2. Kiko

    Whoops :(

    So I accidentally drove 450 miles at 70 - 75 MPH with my front hubs locked. :banghead: Aside from the poorer than usual gas mileage, I'm now getting a grunting from the front end when I'm coming to a stop. I can feel it in the pedals and it happens when the clutch is in and the tranny is in...
  3. Kiko

    One of the best CL CJ postings I've ever read.

    I won't copy and paste the listing because I'm supposed to keep it clean. So instead I'll share the link. http://cincinnati.craigslist.org/cto/3929500583.html
  4. Kiko


    He threw the front ones away. :(
  5. Kiko

    Jeep - Most Patriotic Brand

  6. Kiko

    Fuel Sending Unit Float

    I seem to remember reading that the aftermarket floats eventually get eaten through and fill with gas and sink. I'm getting ready to put in my gas tank and was wondering if what I remember is true, and if so, any ideas so I won't have to drop the tank later to replace it. Is there anything I...
  7. Kiko

    New Carb and Dizzy Vacuum

    I just put on a new Weber 38/38 and I'm re-hooking up the canister in the process. What I'm trying to figure out is if/what/why a CTO (ported vacuum switch) would be needed. So the dizzy vacuum from my research should T with one end going to the carb and the other end going to a CTO. Then the...
  8. Kiko

    Waggy front D44 Question

    So I've done a lot of reading and I think I went into overload. I'm thinking of using a waggy D44 in the front of my build. I really don't want to outboard and I want to verify that the passenger side will be fine but the drivers side will need to be cut to fit and a custom shaft for the long...
  9. Kiko

    Tips and Tricks - Removing a stuck bushing from a spring hanger

    Have a bushing that you can't get out? No press? Pretty common scenario. Don't push it...pull it. What can you do? You can try and make Swiss cheese out of it with a drill (dangerous). You can get a hacksaw in there and spend considerable effort cutting the thing out. Best of all, you can...
  10. Kiko

    Manual vs Auto vs Age

    Except for 1 car in my life I have always had manual transmissions. I took my drivers test with a manual. It is completely natural for me and I like the advantages of control, and getting a car to start if say a starter is shot. As I get older, I'm starting to at least think of an auto as...
  11. Kiko

    2013 SOA National Raffle

    Thanks to the folks at Superlift for 4 50% discount certificates. Sent from my iPad HD
  12. Kiko

    Well now...This is interesting...A 2014 LJ???

    http://www.jeep4x4center.com/blog/?p=1622 Looking at the fenders and the taillights and the doors, I'm pretty sure that isn't an LJ. :) Is there a long wheel base 2 door JK coming in 2014? :fingerscrossed: My thought is Jeep is getting rid of the current short 2 door JK and all JKs going...
  13. Kiko

    Project Puzzled

    First off I must explain Project Puzzled. 1. It is a puzzle to put back together. 2. I'll be puzzled most of the time as to what is what, what to do next, and where this is going. 3. You will be puzzled by my thoughts and questions as well as what I chose to do next and where this is...
  14. Kiko

    Big Day Today!!!

    Just sayin ;):headbang::bacon::smokin::drool::crazy::woohoo::smokin::woot:
  15. Kiko

    Factory Colors on Stock or Restored Jeeps

    I'd like to have a single place to view all 14 colors on stock or restored Jeeps. I think it would make a great place for anyone looking to paint in an original color to have a lineup to decide. Color chart is here: And here is mine in Chestnut Brown Metallic. Edit: year and color code...
  16. Kiko

    Gear reduction starter on a 258...worth the extra $ ???

    Well my starter is shot. I'm thinking about going to a gear reduction unit but they run around $100 more. Anyone running one? How do you like it?
  17. Kiko

    Saw a blue one Saturday headed north on 77

    I actually passed it twice. Once in VA and once in WV. It was being flat towed by an motor home. It had what looked to be a 20 ton press in the back. Looked to be in pretty decent shape. I didn't get a chance to take a pic as I was piloting a land yacht going 80. :) Was that you??? :shrug:
  18. Kiko

    Door Trim CJ vs YJ

    Is there any difference in how the door trim attaches to the inside of a full steel door from a CJ vs a YJ? I know they are the same size and shape but didn't know about attaching CJ trim to a YJ door. Are all the mounting locations the same?
  19. Kiko

    All this to tow a Scrambler

    Casa Azul - Interesting watch. http://velocity.discovery.com/videos/rv-crazy-casa-azul.html
  20. Kiko

    Custom Speaker Boxes

    Well, I'm waiting for some hardware to arrive before installing the tops. This got me to thinking about the upcoming road trip to MO and reminiscing about the similar drive home after purchasing it. What I remember about that trip is it was loud and I really couldn't hear the radio. I also...