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  1. Jeep Addict

    Wiring up off road lights with a relay for a light bar

    I’m wiring up some fog lights on my windshield and the factory doesn’t use a relay. I want to use a relay. The factory fogs are designed to get power from the low beam switch and automatically turn off when you turn on your highbeams. I want to draw power directly to the fog switch. My question...
  2. Jeep Addict

    CJ T-Shirt question.

    Figured I’d start a boring bs thread but I bought this shirt a while back at Cabelas. 1- There’s a CJ on the shirt 2- The CJ sports a World Cab Top 3- Pretty cool! What I can’t tell is if the CJ is a 7 or an 8? Rear flares look like an 8. Thoughts?
  3. Jeep Addict

    Looking for a fold and tumble seat zipper

    I’m swapping skins on two fold and tumble seats. One zipper is froze/rusted/rotted in place. There is enough track to cut it off and add one that works. Seeing if anyone has a ratty ripped up skin. Upper or lower that I can salvage the zipper from to further my YouTube engineering degree with...
  4. Jeep Addict

    Hallmark Scrambler off to the paint shop.

    I’ve decided it was time to paint my 82 SR. Especially since it just arrived In the mailbox today. Got it broken down and loaded up in one afternoon. Going with Slate Blue Metallic exterior and a slate blue interior with white wagons. I have no painting or art skills so it should turn out great!
  5. Jeep Addict

    Cheap Tap and Die set worth having

    Like $30 on Amazon LANG is the brand. I bought it because it’s compact and will fit anywhere you can get a ratchet. They are literally the size of a nut. I ran all 12 rocker studs before removing the nuts and none of them snapped since I was able to clean the threads first. Figured this may...
  6. Jeep Addict

    1982 Slate Blue Metallic SR

    I’ve been searching for a nice original 83 slate blue since I like that decal package. I was turned on to this 82 triple slate and decided to pull the trigger. I purchased it from the son of the original owner who was a huge Ronald Reagan fan. To say it was sitting for sometime is an...
  7. Jeep Addict

    Nutmeg Seat Bottom

    Anyone have a good unripped nutmeg renegade seat bottom skin they would be willing to get rid of?
  8. Jeep Addict

    84 Garnet

    Finally had a chance to wash the road grime off this one for a fresh picture. 1984 Original Garnet paint 19,0XX original miles
  9. Jeep Addict

    Operation Hammer Down aka Operation Red Team Blue Team

    First off a huge Thank You to everyone who made the weekend a success!! I won’t name drop except for Raymond aka Spanks, since he was the catalyst. I had a tight deadline to have the 84 Garnet Scrambler picked up. The seller lived in a different state from the pickup and logistically I could...
  10. Jeep Addict

    Marti Report for CJ’s?

    So I can pay and get this Marti report on my 79 Ford truck (really and Ford I think) that will give me a copy of the original window sticker, production numbers on that specific color, package, motor combo, etc. so on and so on. Is there any kind of company that does this for our beloved CJ’s?
  11. Jeep Addict

    Louisiana Edition Wrangler

    Comes with a dehumidifier and dual air conditions
  12. Jeep Addict

    World Cab Top For Sale-SOLD

    I have a shell of a Scrambler World Cab Top, doors and a rear barn door located in Baton Rouge, La. $2,500 OBO. I thought I had a top picture so I’ll have to snap one It’s the two side panels, roof, both front doors and the barn door. Barn door has glass. If interested PM me and I’ll get you...
  13. Jeep Addict

    1983 Silver and Slate Blue CJ-7

    I ended up with the 83 CJ-7 that Dustin put back together a few years ago. There’s not much that I can do to it that had already been done except for put the original slate blue interior back in. Not that I needed another CJ but I’m a fool for slate blue and this is a rare combo. Picture of...
  14. Jeep Addict

    Custom Decals

    Has anyone made up their own custom decals? I plan on doing this myself using precut decals ordered from the internet. I am not using a standard Phoenix Graphics decal kit. I’m just making up something simple and different than what my other Jeeps have. Oracal 651 seems to be the vinyl to...
  15. Jeep Addict

    Times They Are A Changin'

    Awaiting the arrival of our first addition to our new family.
  16. Jeep Addict

    White limited on eBay

    Not trying to recreate and eye popping thread. That'd hurt. http://m.ebay.com/itm/401262391007 Here's a limited that sat on CL for over a month at about 8500. I talked to the guy, received additional pictures, all but just about pulled the trigger at 8. I would have repainted it Slate...
  17. Jeep Addict

    NOS Whitco Soft Doors Plastic Spots/Blisters

    I just purchased a NOS soft top and doors. There is spotting/blisters in the clear plastic sections that the seller said was not there when he shipped a week ago. Anyone have any idea what could have caused these spots in the last week or how to get rid of them?
  18. Jeep Addict

    WTB Sebring red windshield frame original paint

    Looking for an original excellent condition windshield frame in Sebring red. Please let me know what you have available.
  19. Jeep Addict

    WTB Slate Blue rear seat

    Want to buy a slate blue rear seat in great condition. Let me know what you have or know of. :cheers:
  20. Jeep Addict

    Electronic box melted under my hood--looking for a replacement

    So I just realized that this thing melted under the hood in my Jambo. It's an 82 California model with serp belt. I'm not sure what it does but assume I should replace it. Its mounted on the driver's side fender. Jambo still runs fine. If anyone has a spare please let me know. :cheers: