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  1. CJ8Rockcrawler

    Parking brake warning light won't turn off

    I just finished the Painless wiring kit installation and have a few nagging issues I'm working on clearing up. The only one I haven't been able to figure out is getting the parking brake warning light on the dash to turn off. I checked the switch at the parking brake first and unplugged it with...
  2. CJ8Rockcrawler

    Lost our Jeep Pup

    We lost our Jeep pup of 14 years on Sunday. Many of you met CJ at the Deadwood, SD Scramble a few years ago. She wasn't up to the trip the last couple of years, but loved chasing the ball and going on adventures by foot or in the Jeep until the end. She'll be sorely missed.
  3. CJ8Rockcrawler

    Can anyone tell me where this goes?

    It fell off my Scrambler a few weeks ago...
  4. CJ8Rockcrawler

    Rear Cage/Rooftop tent Mount

    I thought some of you might be interested in the rear roll cage/rooftop tent mount that a friend and I just constructed. It is tied into the body mount in the rear and right now is just plated in the front, but we will be securing it to the frame in the front as well, we just haven't worked out...
  5. CJ8Rockcrawler

    Anyone in the LA area want to hang out and talk trucks?

    I'll be in the LA area monday-thursday for work and was wondering if anyone wanted to get together to hang out and talk trucks. I'll be pretty busy during the day, but should have plenty of time to hangout at night... dinner, grab a few drinks etc.
  6. CJ8Rockcrawler

    CJ on Checker.com

    Hey guys... I was on the Checker site comparing some prices and noticed they have a picture of a CJ in an article about preparing your vehicle for winter weather. Thought you guys might find it interesting. Kyle
  7. CJ8Rockcrawler

    Cq Cq Cq

    I just took my amateur radio test tonight and passed. I should be in the system in the next week or 2. Anyway, I was curious if there are any other HAMS on the site. A group of us in the SW are getting our licenses so we can use 2 meter radios on our trail rides rather than CBs. I'm looking...
  8. CJ8Rockcrawler

    Tach and Clock location?

    I know that the tach and clock are located on either side of the steering column, but does anyone know what size the holes are and what the exact location for these holes are? Also, does anyone know if the stock replacements that you can order from 4wd Hardware will wire right into the...
  9. CJ8Rockcrawler

    Finally got the herculiner done!

    Here are some pics of the freshly herc'd 8... looks TONS better. :D pic 2
  10. CJ8Rockcrawler

    What do you tow with?

    I'm looking to replace my truck with something more suited to towing my 8. Right now I flat tow it, but will eventually have a trailer. What do you guys use? What works, what doesn't? I'm open to suggestions. More than likely I will be going used... 98-2000 or so. I'm not brand specific.
  11. CJ8Rockcrawler

    Better w/ or w/o the stock rollbar?

    Hey Guys, I'm taking out my interior to herc the floor and was kinda diggin' how it looks w/ just the cage and no rollbar. What do you guys think? pic 1 pic 2 pic 3 For those that haven't seen it before... here is a pic of it w/ the rollbar and the cage...
  12. CJ8Rockcrawler

    Pics from my latest trip... Sibley Mansion in Mammoth, AZ

    Here are some pictures from my latest wheeling trip. Nothing too crazy, but some great company and beautiful scenery all day. Sibley Mansion Album
  13. CJ8Rockcrawler

    Pics from my trip to Ajax and the Firehole in Florence, AZ

    Hey guys... I just got back from my trip this weekend to run Ajax and the Firehole on Upper Woodpecker in Florence, AZ. I thought you guys might be interested in some pics... I'll have all of them up next weekend... here are a few teasers though. Another one from the Firehole Whoops...
  14. CJ8Rockcrawler

    Build me a 9 inch!

    I just acquired a ford nine inch that I will be building up for use on my CJ. I'm looking for suggestions for how far I should go and what vendors you guys have had good experiences with. As it sits right now, I'm not positive on the gears, but the are somewhere around 3.00:1... The axles are 31...
  15. CJ8Rockcrawler

    Anti-theft devices

    Being that the CJ is quite easily stolen, what have you guys found to be effective deterrents?
  16. CJ8Rockcrawler

    AMC 20 Carrier Question.

    Hey all... I think I know the answer to this already, but how many carriers are there for the AMC 20 and what are the breaks? Thanks, Kyle
  17. CJ8Rockcrawler

    It LIVES!!! The FABLED 8 Build Thread

    It LIVES!!! The Fabled 8 Build Thread After almost exactly a year, my Scrambler was brought back to life this morning... (oooh... that gives me chills just thinking about it!) The Jeep is far from done, but the major work has been completed. The new fiberglass body is on... the lift is...