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  1. Ron84cj

    Soft top window replacement?

    So yeah, this just happened today. It's not like my top is 40 years old and it's only 35 degrees out or anything. 😏 So anyways, it looks like it was glued on from the factory. What do you guys recommend to use as a replacement? Also, what do you use to attach it? Glue or have it sewn on? Thanks...
  2. Ron84cj

    Scrambler in a Kohl's add

    So the wife wakes me up at 5:00 in the morning super excited to tell me she spotted a Scrambler in a Kohl's add! Lol
  3. Ron84cj

    The axle swap/wheel picture thread!

    We have other threads like "show off your colors" and "preferred tire size." Off and on for the last year I have been researching on how to do my Dana 44s and have talked to several of you about your setups. At Sandblast it was great going from Jeep to Jeep to compare what works and what doesn't...
  4. Ron84cj

    Dana 300 sight tube

    I asked this over on my build thread but I figured it might get more traffic here. There seems to be some debate online about how much to put in when clocked. I know in the factory position the Dana 300 gets about 1.75 quarts ish. When clocked some people say the same 1.75, or 2 quarts, some say...
  5. Ron84cj

    My BDS lift is a little saggy

    I have a BDS 2.5" lift on my Scrambler, not the YJ conversion. When my Jeep is just sitting there in the driveway it sits perfectly level. But when you add in my family it definitely sags a good amount in the rear. I have seen others now with the same results on their scramblers so I know I'm...
  6. Ron84cj

    LS to AX15

    I'm taking much of this info from my build thread. I'll try to clean it up and also add to it as much as possible. I started a pretty nasty rod knock on my 258 back in 2016 right after Sandblast so I needed to make so decisions. I actually had an extra 258 I could have used. It had about 76,000...
  7. Ron84cj

    Ax15 rebuild kit

    Well, looks like I'm going to be rebuilding my trans sooner than I thought. It's growling pretty bad now when I downshift/decelerate. But it's fine when I upshift/accelerate. Looks like there are a variety of rebuild kits out there. Ebay has one for $160 and other places sell up to $350ish. Does...
  8. Ron84cj

    Dana 44. Please help!

    I'm sorry, I know there has been so much discussion on this. But I don't know what to fully believe as there is conflicting info out there. I actually found a wide track Dana 44 from a Cherokee Cheif in a junkyard. However, it's missing parts. It's down to the bare knuckles and missing the axle...
  9. Ron84cj

    Anyone near Cedar Springs, MI?

    I've been looking for a sickle bar for my old simplicity garden tractor and finally found one. Is anyone near Cedar Springs that would be willing to pick it up for me? I will be at Sandblast so I could get it then. Thanks
  10. Ron84cj

    It's all fun and games till someone breaks a knuckle...

    My knuckle broke while I was doing some winter wheeling. I had a spare and got it all together. But my tie rod tube bent, so now is a good time to upgrade. I read a few threads regarding this on a couple forums but nothing recent. They were from 10+ years ago. I thought I read somewhere that the...
  11. Ron84cj

    Aftermarket hood???

    I'm trying to figure this one out. I just got a used hood from a guy locally. It was off of a Renegade. The decals definitely look original, the gauge of the metal is the same as original, and it physically fit great. However it didn't have the little hoops for the windshield to fold down on. It...
  12. Ron84cj

    Throw out bearing problems.

    What do you guys use for grease? I'm referring to the snout on the trans where the throw out bearing rides. The problem I'm having is that if I do any water crossing, the water gets in the bell housing and will wash off the grease. Then the bearing scores the snout. I now have to pull this thing...
  13. Ron84cj

    Steering intermediate shaft

    I am sick of my Jeep steering like a tractor. I bought an omix ada shaft and it's just as bad if not worse than the old worn out one. I looked out there and saw a few options that greatly varied in price. Do any of you have a recommendations for me? I don't mind spending more if it's worth it...
  14. Ron84cj

    Dana 300 whine

    My Dana 300 is quite in high range, but in low the gears really whine. I've had the cover off and there wasn't anything noticably wrong inside. The gears all looked nice. So hoping it was just the fuild I filled it up with fresh stuff but no difference. Is this normal for these things?
  15. Ron84cj

    Check out what showed up at my local junk yard!

    They're so ugly but cool! This one just came in and is very complete. I'm actually really surprised it's in the yard. It was definitely restorable and the interior was pretty darn nice too. Sorry I couldn't get anymore pics. After looking for a few minutes I must have disturbed a wasp nest. They...
  16. Ron84cj

    What the heck is mother nature doing???

    Seriously, what's going on??? It's mid April and it's snowing like crazy here! Normally it's almost 60 at this point. I normally won't just make a post about the weather, but this is just strange:crazy:
  17. Ron84cj

    Don't throw away that factory radio!

    Seeing the other recent post about factory radios made me think of this. I made an interesting discovery a few years ago. I had a factory am/fm Jeep radio from one of my parts scramblers. Well, as usual it was total junk because of being exposed to the elements. One day I was cruising my local...
  18. Ron84cj

    Chevy 5.3 wiring

    So I have been modifying my harness and for the most part I have most of it done. I got rid of all the unnecessary items like egr, rear 02 sensors, auto trans stuff etc. I am now to the point where I can wire in my fuses and relays. I have been doing a ton of reading on this whole wiring project...
  19. Ron84cj

    Chevy LS swap exhaust manifolds or headers

    I know there have been other threads on this, but I haven't really found exactly what I'm looking for. I've read to use f-body manifolds but they dump too far back and I think it would interfere with my clutch slave. Most guys seem to run autos so they don't need to worry about that. I also...
  20. Ron84cj

    My Blue Jeep

    I finally started a build thread! I probably should have a long time ago but in all honesty I was a bit embarrassed with how slow moving it was. Although I had it running and driving this past year, there is still a lot to do. What year is it? Now that's a very entertaining question. The title...