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  1. wm69

    T5 transmission any good?

    I like the T176. I don't drive on the highway all that much and it easily handles 60-65 without overrevving the engine. I have an SM465 in my GMC pickup. The T176 is much easier to shift/more pleasant to drive.
  2. wm69

    Trim level question

    3EB is slate blue high back denim seats, so not a Laredo http://www.82jambo.com/documents/Paint%20and%20Trim%20Codes/1981-1986%20Trim%20Codes.pdf 2D is the paint code, "Deep Night Blue" http://www.82jambo.com/documents/Paint%20and%20Trim%20Codes/1976-1986%20Paint%20Codes.pdf So you either...
  3. wm69

    They want to buy the forum... again. Membership thanks and explanation.

    I'm also into Honda ATV's and the big forum company bought two of the boards I frequented and promptly ruined them. Ads everywhere, and they didn't care at all when the membership AND the mods (volunteer, of course) who made the forums work all complained about it. When I found myself reading...
  4. wm69

    spankrjs's Biloxi, MS '83 Scrambler

    Glad you weathered it ok. I have a buddy in Gulfport who gave a similar report. Lots of yard cleanup required.
  5. wm69

    Gas tank/ skid plate recommendation

    That was what I was going to post, but looks like Kilby is gone. When did that happen?
  6. wm69

    Help with some pricing on wheels

    The 15x8 with center caps were only made 1981 so they are rare. The 82-86 were all 15x7 which were much more common. If in mint condition, you could probably get $100-150/wheel easily, but once they get any rust on them, the value drops waaaaaay off. Once they start rusting, there's no...
  7. wm69

    "So do you do this as a hobby?"

    Following! Glad to see it found someone it knew would help it!
  8. wm69

    Ugly Betty

    Welcome back! They always come back. Once you get the bug, you can't escape!
  9. wm69

    Fuel tank identification

    20 gal tank is fully enclosed by the skid plate, the 15 gal the sides of the skid plate are open.
  10. wm69

    Craigslist and Estate Sale finds!

    At least the color matches!
  11. wm69

    Other than a spare tire, what have you mounted on your oem rollbar spare carrier

    I like it. Back when our scrambler was used to duck hunt, Dad bolted a 2x10 to the rollbar mounted spare, and used it to clamp his 5 HP outboard onto going to and from the duck club. I had @1x1speedcraig here make a custom bumper with bumper mounted swing out spare carrier years ago, so the...
  12. wm69

    walkerhoundvm's rebuild thread

  13. wm69

    What's on your Work Bench?

    That's not bad at all, especially given what good Laredo wheels bring these days!
  14. wm69

    What's on your Work Bench?

    Looks great! What does a wheel rewrap run? Looks like a great alternative to buying a used 35 year old wheel that likely is dried out anyway.
  15. wm69

    Craigslist and Estate Sale finds!

    Hell factory wheels too! Helluva score! Edited to add....are those Warn hubs on the front? Let me guess....the axles will be 3.54's or 3.73's with ARBs in them too..... Super jealous.
  16. wm69

    1984 CJ-7 LS upgrade

    Tagging for info. I've always said I'd stick with the 258 in my Jeeps, but my FIL has a burb with the 5.3 and he's pretty much destroyed the rest of the burb, so whenever he continues making the truck scrap, I might pull the 5.3 for a Jeep transplant.
  17. wm69

    1984 CJ-8 Project...here we go

    I really like the T176. Have them in two of our Jeeps, and have a couple on the shelf for when (not if, but when) the T5 in the other Jeep goes bang. @spankrjs probably has more experience than anybody with the T5. I run regular gear oil in my T5 and so far it's held up ok, 3.31's and 31"...
  18. wm69

    1984 SL Restoration

    I need to do rocker trim. Lots of pics please!
  19. wm69

    Looking for advice on automatic shift cable

    The ididit cable should work fine. I don't think there are any differences in the 904 and the 999 that aren't internal.
  20. wm69

    Factory console lock question (trying to get it rekeyed)

    The 65-66 Impala glovebox lock cylinders are that way. The factory Jeep console locks can be taken apart without removing the ring. Daniel Missal on FB gave me that info (I'm off of FB now, but had the messages saved). The factory Jeep console lock doesn't require removal of the trim ring.