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  1. walkerhoundvm

    Barret-Jackson Scottsdale 2020 Jeeps, etc.

    Spent the morning at the show with family, as usual not a lot of Jeeps there but what they had were interesting. $50k Scrambler: Guess that makes mine $75k? Nice little FC-150: A 10A set up for driving: My favorite, a delivery van with custom interior: And a Griswold station wagon...
  2. walkerhoundvm

    PSA: Don't mock up a tank unless you plan to put gas in it soon

    My build is right on the verge of being done, and one of the things holding it up was a zeroed out gas gauge. I was really racking my brains trying to work with the build shop to figure out what was going on. The gauges had been acting up, but even after sorting them out the gas gauge was...
  3. walkerhoundvm

    Decals for the DIY'er?

    I'm sure I've seen a post or two from people doing their own decals, but just looking for a confidence boost. Is a nooby capable of doing a complete set of decals feasible as a one man job? I'm looking to cut costs on a skyrocketing expense build (more on that at a later date). Thanks in advance!
  4. walkerhoundvm

    Repli-tub deficiencies

    Thought it might be good to start a thread with some details on the deficiencies in the steel replitubs. As far as I can tell the replitubs are assembled from the same parts that Omix sources for panels, by the MD Juan company in the Phillipines. They're rebranded by Omix, and you can buy them...
  5. walkerhoundvm

    Stereo service manuals?

    It's a long shot, but I'm hoping that someone here might have a radio service manual stashed away in a pile somewhere (@jerseyjeeps @red mistress @Jeep Addict ?). The cassette radio is out of an early 80s AMC, model #AM-147 - image attached. Looks like there may have been an 8-track version as...
  6. walkerhoundvm

    Jeep art

    Went to the Tempe festival of the arts today and came across an artist with some interesting stuff. Picked up a couple of these prints from the artist: But also have an itch for this one :)
  7. walkerhoundvm

    Nutmeg vinyl dye

    https://www.rubnrestore.com/rust/ For anyone looking to nutmeg things up, the link above is for a very close match to factory nutmeg and works awesome. A single wipe down converted my canvas colored soft door uppers. The videos on the site suggest it might work for darker colors... Maybe not...
  8. walkerhoundvm

    Any way to cut down on the spam?

    Always thought of this site as virtually spam-free, but it's gotten pretty bad lately.
  9. walkerhoundvm

    5.3 harness reworking - manual transmission

    I'm going to be reworking my own harness for a 5.3 swap, following the directions over at lt1swap. Seems that his instructions assume you'll be using the auto trans. Has anyone diy'd this who can point me to a good reference for manual transmissions? There are a number of pins associated with...
  10. walkerhoundvm

    Help me settle on an engine

    Later this year I'll be going through a ground up resto-mod, and I've been ignoring my engine for cost savings. Now it seems to be the weakest link. It's got probably 40-50k on it since an alleged rebuild prior to me owning it, a Howell tbi, team rush, a new oil pan and valve cover, but after...
  11. walkerhoundvm

    Whitco half top installation instructions

    Anyone have them? They used to be here: https://www.cj-8.com/content.php?38-OEM-Whitco-1-2-Soft-Top. But I think they got lost in the move last month.
  12. walkerhoundvm

    Wanted: Pictures of 81 original or aftermarket center hood decals

    Not the "Scrambler," but the flare in the center of the hood. There's a guy on Jeep Forum who's helping Phoenix Graphix make truer-to-original center decals and I wanted to get an idea of original vs. aftermarket appearances. Thanks!
  13. walkerhoundvm

    Soft half upper door fitment?

    Today I picked up a set of YJ half hard doors. Eventually they'll get painted with the tub, but I wanted to see if anyone knew what soft uppers would look best with an original soft top? YJ uppers would obviously fit the doors, but they've got the squared corners. Isn't there some TJ upper mod...
  14. walkerhoundvm

    Went back to Colorado and all I got was hitched :)

    Em and I spent a quick three days up in RMNP with our close family and tied the knot this weekend. Forecast was calling for rain/snow, though it held off until we could wrap up the outdoor ceremony. It did end up snowing a bit up at the top of Trailridge road later, and we got quite a bit of...
  15. walkerhoundvm


    After being in a grey area for a little while, it's official. The SO got an offer last night from Arizona State to compliment my offer and it'll be Phoenix or bust in a few short weeks! We'll be visiting the weekend of the 7th for some housing decisions. Now the fun begins - packing, moving...
  16. walkerhoundvm

    Source for center console lock cylinders and keys

    Just wanted to post up some "beta" as the kids say on an aftermarket center console lock and key source I found. The part is written up for a late 60s/early 70s AMC/AMX vehicle: eBay example The part came as a piece from "Classic Auto Locks" CL 692. They have a website...
  17. walkerhoundvm

    Olympic white Jambo on JeepForum #517?

    http://www.jeepforum.com/forum/f8/can-you-identify-engine-3054809/ Pics show this to be another white Jambo. How much original left? Dunno, but the body looks good. Looks like it's been on the registry: http://www.82jambo.com/jambo517.htm
  18. walkerhoundvm

    AMC20 - what to do?

    All, I'm having a conniption trying to decide what to do about my differentials, specifically the AMC20. Some background - I have 2.73 gears and 31" tires currently, and have gone through two transmissions in the past five years, settling on a T176 for now. Seeing as how I don't want to do...
  19. walkerhoundvm

    Speedo burned out?

    When I picked up my CJ from the transport service, it was really cold - my CJ is used to being garaged. I went to start it up and out came a burned plastic smell. I noticed my speedo was reading incorrectly, now it isn't reading at all, odo isn't turning either. Anyone ever have this happen...
  20. walkerhoundvm

    CJ-8 Scrambler wood rail specifications

    Hey all, I thought I'd give back to this forum which has occupied so much of my time over the past ~4yrs and put together a write-up on how to build wood side rails. Some of you may know that I had been doing this in my spare time for a while, some of you were even kind enough to purchase a...