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  1. PetesCj-8

    Paint colors for 82 model year

    I had all this information saved on another website and my PM's were wiped out with a software change. ? I really only need the blues for 82 right now but I may go with Ice Blue if anyone can add that. Thanks guys
  2. PetesCj-8

    Dash lights questions

    I have a Cj-7 that's nowhere near a restoration and bought the Crown dash lights. Hopefully they last a little but they give off a blueish light. I have to get the tach , speedo ,volt and oil pressure gauge lit up yet as well. Have any of you had any experience with bulbs for the above mentioned...
  3. PetesCj-8

    Seat Questions

    I bought a '80 Cj-7 the other day and have a question about the seats. The seats are Nutmeg and look like Laredo seats but that's the only Laredo connection. I'd love to find a driver side bottom cause that's the only damage between all 3 seats. Anyone know the origin of these? Here's a few pics:
  4. PetesCj-8

    RHD steering box

    I know a few people looking for these. Does anyone have a source for rebuilt , new or rebuild kits for the RHD steering boxes? Thanks Pete
  5. PetesCj-8

    Jeep week Ocean City Md Aug 25-28

    The wife and I are thinking of going. I'll only have a Cj-7 with a trailer but if anyone else is going I'd love to meet up. We're looking at camping somewhere close by. Anyone else?
  6. PetesCj-8

    Jeep pick up news?

    For the umpteenth time: http://blog.caranddriver.com/holy-toledo-jeep-wrangler-based-pickup-is-happening/
  7. PetesCj-8

    304 fuel / distributer opinions

    I bought my Scrambler with a swapped in 304. It has long tube headers , Edelbrock Intake and from what I was told a mild cam. The reason the Jeep never ran was due to a low spark condition. Anyhow I'm buying the DUI distributer for it to replace the Prestolite that's in it now. The Jeep didn't...
  8. PetesCj-8

    Parts pricing help.

    I have a Edelbrock Performer intake manifold and a set of heads withe the dogleg exhaust ports for the Amc V-8s. Anyone here know the going rate for these used parts?
  9. PetesCj-8

    1/2 soft top hardware

    My Scrambler project came with a 1/2 soft top. Below is the hardware it came with. I imagine this set up is for hard doors? Are all the pieces there? If not what am I missing? Also is there somewhere I can download instructions from? Thanks Pete
  10. PetesCj-8

    Finally my Scrambler Project

    A big thanks to Jims Chop Shop for the lead on this one. I'll get into more details with plenty of pics soon. Right now here's the teaser shot:
  11. PetesCj-8

    Need a Scrambler by Spring...

    Actually "Eclipse" my Bull Mastiff / St. Bernard mix has out grown my Cj-7 at only 9 months old. Not really a surprise but the pressure is on to have a Scrambler to camp with next season. :fingerscrossed:
  12. PetesCj-8

    Gaucho thread?

    What happened to Jeffs Gaucho pick up build thread? I cant seem to find it.
  13. PetesCj-8

    Got me a lap dog

    My Yellow Lab Simba passed away last November. I finally got up the courage to have another dog. We ended up getting a St. Bernastiff or a Saint Bernard / Bull Mastiff mix. Heres the pic when we picked her up last week at 7 weeks old. The family named her Eclipse. I figured shes gonna be black...
  14. PetesCj-8

    Colorado Trail Ride

    I try not to promote the Cj site I moderate on here but maybe some of you would be interested in this ride. http://www.jeep-cj.com/forums/f100/announcing-last-colorado-jeep-cj-trail-ride-21135-new/
  15. PetesCj-8

    Limited Cj-7 side view mirrors

    I have an '83 Limited thats seen better days particularly the doors. Someone mounted some trailer towing style mirrors to the doors and theres so many holes I dont know whats what. I have a guy who is willing to sell me his but he cant figure out how to take them off. Mine are gone so I have no...
  16. PetesCj-8

    83 Cj-7 Limited

    My darling Vicki texts me at work 2 days ago to let me know she saw a Cj for sale for $1500. I ran by after work and found it was a 83 Limited. :eek: The engine loses oil pressure here and there after about 50 miles drive time. Someone re painted it blue but almost everything is there. The...
  17. PetesCj-8

    Football Spinoff Thread

    So we all agree the only division worth a poop is the AFC NORTH! :headbang: Just throwing that out there: Big Walt and his Ravens 9-3 Me and the Steelers 7-5 Toby and the Bengals at 7-5 Whos your team? And are they a contender? Try to keep it civil. Its only a game... Unless its my game.
  18. PetesCj-8

    From NM to PA

    Its a long shot for sure but Ive seen alot of helpful people on this site. Anyone willing to help get a Scrambler from New Mexico to Pa? Maybe a joint effort? And "Joint Effort" doesnt mean a lay over in Colorado. :smokin: :rotfl: Just throwing it out there. I once said to a guy on here from...
  19. PetesCj-8

    Shipped part no payment?

    So what would you do if this happened to you? Its only a $20 total but it really irks me. Usually when I send out a part and give the other party the verification that party paypals me promptly. I looked it up and the party has already recieved the part ( last Friday ) and still no payment. Ive...
  20. PetesCj-8

    Va. Scrambler owners

    Well first off there seems to be plenty of you. :) Im thinking of joining the party. The company I work for has a plant in King William Va. When I called the Human Resource office of that plant she told me its basically in the middle of a cornfield. Most people commute 45 min to there. I...