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  1. jak inc

    New Member/New Scrambler Owner

    Did you get these from the same person? If so, great hoard!
  2. jak inc

    OEM Winch Mounting Plate

    The hoop is part of the bumper not the mount.
  3. jak inc

    OEM Winch Mounting Plate

    Warn still sells the M8274 mount for the Jeep CJ https://www.warn.com/winch-mount-5986-jeep-cj-11310
  4. jak inc

    New ACME Top Owner needs Advice

    Check McMaster Carr for these spring clamps Barry is referring too.
  5. jak inc

    Alaskan postal top fix

    3M Urethane Seam Sealer, 08368, White, 310mL Cartridge This is what I am using for the seams of my postal top.
  6. jak inc

    What to do with beaten up factory rear bumper?

    1. Great patina for a rustomod scrambler. Add Kim's aluminum end caps. It doesn't look like it has rot. 2. Sand blast, paint white, add Kim's aluminum end caps, done 3. Sell
  7. jak inc

    High Output Alternator recommendations?

    I have a mean green that was second hand to me and still working flawlessly!
  8. jak inc

    Craigslist and Estate Sale finds!

    My brother has all the reproduction warn winch decals available here... https://www.ebay.com/usr/cookiemonsterjeeps
  9. jak inc

    Current Scrambler pics

    Old BFG ATs are a good looking tire for a classic CJ! We mount and balance our own rubber too. We have an old coats set. My 31 rubber is a little newer at 2000. No cracks or imperfections yet either, but no stamped radial. I chose to go 15x8 with redline.
  10. jak inc

    Current Scrambler pics

    Nice tires! NOS or good used? 31's?
  11. jak inc

    Looking for advice on automatic shift cable

    https://shop.advanceautoparts.com/find/jeep-cj7-automatic-transmission-shift-linkage-bushing https://www.morris4x4center.com/shift-control-bearing-kit-includes-boot-seals-5014148aa.html The brass part is available at Morris...
  12. jak inc

    Looking for advice on automatic shift cable

    I don't know anything about the cables. I do know that rebuilding the stock linkage is possible. I have done a few already and they work great. The main brass bushing is available from the dealer.
  13. jak inc

    Rear fender flares

    Is that an Alaskan Postal top?
  14. jak inc

    Help me clear something up as far as CJ8 options?

    Is it true what Collins says that all automatic Jeep CJ's were special order? And that they only got made one in a while when they would run a bunch at once down the line?
  15. jak inc

    Factory Clock repair

    This guy does an amazing job with my Jeep CJ speedometers. Definitely worth a call to check on your clock. http://www.speedometersolutions.com
  16. jak inc

    CJ T-Shirt question.

    I am thinking it is an AK Postal top. Look at the height of the door window and the top window. They are in line with one another. The internal framing for window opening is lower. If it was an Overlander window the rear window would be slightly taller than the door window. My vote is CJ8...
  17. jak inc

    SJScrambler - Getting Started

    What about not saying anything in writing but posting up a few pictures of the build?
  18. jak inc

    SJScrambler - Getting Started

    Looks like you are building a beautiful shop there! (y)
  19. jak inc

    TF999 Linkage Bushing

    The last time I bought these bushings I had to do a parts locate at my local Jeep dealer.
  20. jak inc

    Value of a postal?

    Congrats! Good buy.