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    New Site Issue Thread

    LOGIN ISSUE RESOLVED: It had to do with http/https. If you went to an http page after being logged in, while you were redirected, it logged you out. The http redirect is now done at the server level, which means you won't hit any cj-8 pages w/o SSL enabled, and your login session should remain...
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    New Site Issue Thread

    I can duplicate this. If you are zoomed in and then tap on the image, you are stuck in limbo and the images jumps around. If you don't zoom in before doing that you don't have an issue. :P To get out of it, you can tap on the top bar where the URL is. This will allow you to tap on the back...
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    New Site Issue Thread

    Let me know if you or anyone have issues from the time of my post moving forward. (you may still have to login once, but let me know you have to do it more than once). I experienced the same thing and suspect it had to do with some web server changes that transpired overnight and today.
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    New Site Issue Thread

    You can click/tap on the time, and it will take you to the last page / last post.
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    Multiple Account Usage - Accounts Banned

    (Please note: The CJ-8.COM website and forums is a distinct entity owned and operated by myself (Matt Donaghy). When you register for a userid on the CJ-8.COM you are presented with the following verbiage to which you acknowledge: "The owners of Jeep Scrambler Forums & Discussions reserve...
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    Admin approval of new users enabled

    Due to a recent increase in the amount of automated spam, we have turned on the admin approval for all new users. This will slow down the process of becoming a new member, but we will work to minimize the amount of time it takes. Please bear with us as we work to keep the site as spam-free and...