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  1. jbeemer

    Kids wanted to get pulled on a sled.

    Behind the Scrambler probably not safe...... Quad spins a lot....... Golf cart....... Or Ruby
  2. jbeemer

    I want to be like the LJ guys

    Well not really like them, But I want my bikini top to seal up around the doors like the TJ/LJ tops. Sooooo I drug out the ol Singer 211 industrial sewing machine and placed a order at SailRite. The plan is to make a "bikini top" that is as long as my new cage. It will slide in the windshield...
  3. jbeemer

    How do I use this thing????

    Short version of a long story So we used to have a sound lab at work. They used it for development of dashmats for cars. They tried to use a dyno to test them to see how much they improved. That didn't work so well...…….fast forward 15 years. Them-We need that dyno out of the room for more...
  4. jbeemer

    Shortening Jeep CJ seat brackets

    Quick wtite up at lunch........sorry if I miss something :shrug: There have been a lot of complaints over time of CJ and YJ aftermarket seats that sit too high. There have also been complaints about fiberglass bodies that make the seats set too high. I had both and finally took the time to...
  5. jbeemer

    Can't start on the Scrambler yet.........................

    Had to help dad get the VW bug painted. I consider it repaying for all my junk he painted when I started driving. He's got it all stripped and most of the body work done, so he brought it up to my shop and we rolled the paint booth back down. Today I sprayed the etching primer and 2 colors of...
  6. jbeemer

    My old 1981 SCRAMBLER returns 25 years later

    I'm not much for typing so part of this is a copy/paste from our club forum Long story short. My 1981 scrambler that I had to sell back in 1989 made it back to me and I bought it back. It came into my shop as side work without me knowing that it was my old Jeep. It was a assemble job with all...
  7. jbeemer

    New guy in Michigan

    Been lurking here for a bit and thought I'd better say HI :wave: I recenlty got back my Scrambler that I had to sell back in 1989. It was my first Jeep and when I started collage I couldn't afford the insurance and had to sell it. Long story made short, It came to my place as a side job. It...