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  1. J

    1997 F350 410 rears

    Saw an add on CL the other day for a set of rears out of a 97 F350. Not really looking but the price for both is an excellent starting point. What is the general opinion? Not sure if the rear is a dually..not sure it matters. Any how it is a distraction for the moment. And procrastination always...
  2. J

    T150 bellhousing needed

    Son's CJ5. Looks like from the pics he sent, one of the bolts holding the clutch bracket that takes the rotational energy of the pedal and transfers it horizontally to the transmission backed out causing one of the two ears holding that bracket to break off. He will rig something up to...
  3. J

    Windshield Frame ID

    As I collect parts and pieces for my Garage Pet, inevitably I wind up buying a duplicate; usually because I can't pass it up pricewise and/or it's condition is in better than what I already have. My question is I have three windshields. They are all different. The original has no rib and is...
  4. J

    Opinion on the Warn M8000/5687

    Looking at a 1973 Warn winch. Manufactured by Bellview. I know very little about this model. Told it is the predecessor to 8274 without todays options. What is the general opinion.
  5. J

    Sway Bar Link mods

    My garage pet is almost a roller. The sway bar is installed and the links are next. Problem is there us no weight on the frame to properly measure what the length of the sway bar link needs to be with an OME 2.5" lift. I am guessing just extend the 6" on center link to 8.5" on center. Have the...
  6. J

    Half doors on an 8.

    Tech question. 91 YJ half door. Could it be used on the CJ8? Set on CL not far from me.
  7. J

    What shocks are you using

    Have the OME 2.5" conversion. And am starting to look around for shocks. Nothing modified other than different leaf springs with wide track platform. Don't really know what to expect with length of travel, which is the reason for the question.
  8. J

    Wide track axles

    So the CJ8 Scrambled build is moving along and I had a quick opportunity the other day to open up the AMC 20 rear. It is a mess. Instead of spending money on rebuilding that rear..I found a Ford 9 with 3.50 gear set with wheel to wheel back spacing at 54.5". Owner didn't know what it went...
  9. J

    CJ8 Scrambled is now a garage pet

    I have been working on the Scrambler since the beginning of December. The Scrambler is an 81 and had the 151 engine with a 4 speed. I will keep the 300 and junk the rest.The focus was to get the body separated from the frame, stow it out of the way and make repairs to the frame so the body...
  10. J

    CJ8 Scrambled

    I am new to the forum; and have recently purchased a Scrambler. The good...next to nothing in money was exchanged. The bad...everything else. I currently own a CJ5 that has been worked on and modified over the years, but will soon be leaving Maine and heading to NC. My oldest son is in the...