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    CJ8, Scrambler, Renegade, Laredo... How to tell?

    My Laredo has a Laredo emblem on the glove box lid. And the lower part of the doors are carpeted 1983 Bob
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    Carter carburetor - running too rich?

    pull the top off your carb and pull out the venturi assembly. Drill the tubes out to .032" use a #67 drll bit I believe. You will be much happier with your jeep
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    New carb from O'Reilly's?

    My problems were over when I drilled my venturi tubes .032". Purrs like a kitten runs great.
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    old glass and new windshield frame?

    Thanks all. I ground the inside of the frame where the glass guys marked it. We will see if they are able to fit it now. Bob
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    old glass and new windshield frame?

    Ordered a new windshield frame to replace old trusty rusty on my 83. Had it painted and had a good original windshield glass from an '84. Took both to my glass shop; they say they are unable to install the old OEM glass in the replacement frame. Has anyone run across this before? Bob
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    Glittery Oil

    I would doubt the bearings are failing because your oil pressure is very good. But Ag4ever is correct, have an analysis done to see what metals are there in what concentrations. Change again in one month and compare.
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    Wow, I can't belive it happened.

    Those jeeps really look sharp! Kind of like a (blasphemy) 2 door G wagon. It is a shame they didn't sell them here. Bob
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    Heater core

    Use the red antifreeze that Cummins uses. ES Compleat or Fleetcharge. The SCA's will keep the aluminum alive. Bob
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    New to me 83 CJ8 Laredo!!

    I like a clear plastic filter in the engine compartment because it lets you see what your engine is drinking. Definitely go with a plastic tank. Bob
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    New to me 83 CJ8 Laredo!!

    The diagram captures the basic principle of the thing. I don't think you can install the pump wrong. I had a lot of pump problems until I dropped and cleaned my tank. There doesn't appear to be anything missing from your old pump. Its just old and probably full of trash. Or bad diaphragm. Bob
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    Softest 2.5" lift kit

    Running 31.5 BFG auto trans so 2.73 gears. Just want a mild lift and soften up the ride. Any experience with Tuff Country or Skyjacker? Any others? Not interested in going to a coil spring. Bob
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    New to me 83 CJ8 Laredo!!

    As far as your fuel system goes, drop your tank and flush and clean thoroughly. My 83 Laredo has the plastic tank; hopefully yours does also. The metal ones rust inside and are very problematic. You can use either an electric or the stock pump but make sure to use a new clear inline filter...