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  1. red mistress

    My 2001 Cherokee “Bumblebee”

    Drivetrain is all sorted out with lift & D44 axle swap. Got the interior all apart doing custom mostly hidden stereo install. I didn't do 8.8 swap as it's narrower.
  2. red mistress

    My 2001 Cherokee “Bumblebee”

    Nice XJ, That's a rare color to see. Daughter & I in process of doing similar build to her 01 XJ. https://www.naxja.org/forum/showthread.php?t=1151762
  3. red mistress

    Mud Scrambler - Must be Red Dents are fine, some rust fine

    Unbelievable how nice the original paint polished out ! So had get it muddy. Runs great with nos carburetor & exhaust leak fixed. Thinking about hydro boost brakes.
  4. red mistress

    Wiring up off road lights with a relay for a light bar

    Don’t see correct double switch mounting bracket.
  5. red mistress

    Mud Scrambler - Must be Red Dents are fine, some rust fine

    Muddie Buddie been hanging out with nice Jeeps tooo long. Well “I” didn’t polish it... daughter is ... and original paint is really looking great !
  6. red mistress

    Bumper end caps fit what?

    Thanks, nice 2 door XJ’s harder find than CJ’s.
  7. red mistress

    Bumper end caps fit what?

    Flex n gate made these bumpers for a variety of vehicles other than just Jeep. Pic below is for Ford F series. From what I can gather the Type II bumper height is most common. 1980 is unique as first & only year they switched to plastic caps. I’ve seen only a handful of 80 bumpers. JJ glad...
  8. red mistress

    Mud Scrambler - Must be Red Dents are fine, some rust fine

    Fuel gauge went out so had use nos one. So to pull dash forward taking top off etc leads to month of fix everything:) Daughters... Touched up paint chips. Resealing bulkhead with seam sealer. Exhaust manifold leak Grease wheel bearings & new rotors & drums Youngest daughter age 12 wants...
  9. red mistress

    1982 Slate Blue Metallic SR

    White bumper looks good with wheels. Probably going do same on 82 Oriental, which I need dig out and finish
  10. red mistress

    Jeep J10

    Good to see progress ! Are U going install roll bar?
  11. red mistress

    Did Jeep have a Special Equipment Tow Bar setup?

    Yes that is CJ SE tow bar. I have nos one in box
  12. red mistress

    Mud Scrambler - Must be Red Dents are fine, some rust fine

    Daughter’s first buck. Told he only shoot a nice one, ground shrinkage but she could barely function afterwards. Joys of Jeeping :)
  13. red mistress

    Mud Scrambler - Must be Red Dents are fine, some rust fine

    Went on exploring trip across private land to see Trammels Trace a trail used by David Crockett and also location and trappers cabin of the last Caddo Indian trading post that ended in winter of 1837.
  14. red mistress

    Bringing An(other) Overlander Back Home II

    Of course my favorite Overlander :) The Suspense for 3 months !!!!
  15. red mistress

    Scramber with Factory AC

    Even with top off I welcome A/C at stoplights. Also defrosts glass in rain winter. Who wants to look like sweating it out in their classic. I've got pic somewhere of Muddie Buddie blowing 33 degrees on 100 degree day. Vintage Air parallel flow condensor and R12.
  16. red mistress

    84 Garnet

    Can’t wait to see it with NOS 1/2 top & tonneau making it the only triple Garnet Scrambler.
  17. red mistress

    Operation Hammer Down aka Operation Red Team Blue Team

    That Triple Garnet Scrambler’s a real survivor! Glad you went and fetched it.
  18. red mistress

    Factory Photo's Thread

    Thought this picture of Scramblers great great grandfather was worthy of reviving this thread.