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  1. roch207


    Thoughts on the new Gladiator?
  2. roch207

    Howell TBI installed

    Installed the Howell TBI in the stock 6 cylinder. What a difference! Increased power, no cold start problems and can utilize the check engine light on the Speedhut gauge.:rotfl:
  3. roch207

    Cherokee starting to look better?

    It may be the spring pollen, but the new Cherokee is starting to look better to me than my original opinion. Maybe I have a fever. I stopped by the local dealer and looked at the Cherokee, GC and Wrangler Unlimited with the intent at looking at the ecodiesel GC. 30 mpg but at a $4,500...
  4. roch207

    Door paddle spring clips

    Anyone know where I can purchase the spring clip that keeps the wedge in place on the paddle handles? I have the wedge, but there is no spring. Unless it is sitting at the bottom of the door:banghead:
  5. roch207


    My horn is dead, so I have been thinking of upgrading. Anyone using an air horn set up, or one of those WOLO upgrades?
  6. roch207

    Strange Company

    So I was convinced that the Scrambler would fit in fine at a cruise in. :crazy:
  7. roch207

    New sneakers

    Goodyear Wrangler Duratracs on 16" Raceline Raptors.