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  1. gr8dain

    The Scout brand is back

    I almost bought an early 70s Scout as my first vehicle when I turned 16. It belonged to a neighbor. I always loved the look of the truck. I am looking forward to what VW does with it regarding styling and performance/range.
  2. gr8dain

    Windshield frame alignment

    And you say the other door is good now? And the bulkhead is at the same distance back from the firewall/dash/any consistent spot on both sides? If so, I am with Kim that the door needs adjusted at the hinges.
  3. gr8dain

    Windshield frame alignment

    Pictures of the doors/gaps in question?
  4. gr8dain

    Element fire extinguisher - just tested one

    Thanks for the test and video. I will keep my other extinguisher.
  5. gr8dain

    Harbor Freight Badland Off Road Jack coming in December

    I get that the comparison is different when talking about a company stealing a design rather than a company outsourcing the labor. My point was simply that it is hard to buy American made, even from American companies.
  6. gr8dain

    Harbor Freight Badland Off Road Jack coming in December

    Even a lot of Warn stuff is outsourced now. Can’t just buy Warn and know you are getting American made.
  7. gr8dain

    Harbor Freight Badland Off Road Jack coming in December

    I might have to try one out. I have been looking at the Pro Eagle but can’t convince myself to click the “order” button.
  8. gr8dain

    Current Scrambler pics

    Rattle canned the front fenders. This will do until I get the tube fenders made.
  9. gr8dain

    Current Scrambler pics

    Black rims with my new to me MTs. Want to mount them on some aluminum wheels I have, but have to travel a bit to get to a shop that will do it since the tires are not brand new (200 miles on them)
  10. gr8dain

    Giving it a Jolt

    Just watched both episodes. Very informative! Well done. I did not even think about the vacuum for the brake booster.
  11. gr8dain

    Raven - 2001 XJ

    That hood is a POS fiberglass one that my son wants me to keep so that he can practice painting on it.
  12. gr8dain

    Raven - 2001 XJ

    Mr Lupo has been rubbing off on me. Not in a good way. This is my first and last parting out.
  13. gr8dain

    Raven - 2001 XJ

    I did not think you had to worry about dead vehicles like I do. But screw it. I did it anyway.
  14. gr8dain

    Raven - 2001 XJ

    Looks super clean! Can’t wait to follow the 4wd conversion
  15. gr8dain

    Happy Halloween!

    I posted mine on one of you FB posts, but here was my attempt at a Scrambler. It is in winter mode.
  16. gr8dain

    Current Scrambler pics

    I put my top on as well. I like the black windshield with the top and black uppers
  17. gr8dain

    Available Tops for Scrambler

    I have a half soft top from STC.
  18. gr8dain

    Installation of YJ Wipers and Linkage on CJ Windshield

    Swapped on a new windshield frame so had to transfer the YJ linkage to the new to me frame. It was really easy. The hardest part was the dremel. I was going to go buy a step bit, but decided to use what I had. I used the brass bit to trim the circles bigger and the thin bit to make the notches.
  19. gr8dain

    Scrambler 1/2 cab front mounting

    I just replied in the other thread about using latches instead of screws.
  20. gr8dain

    1/2 top (fiberglass)

    I opted to use latches to make removal and install much quicker. The latches are held onto the top and the windshield by rivets. You can see the latches in the pic of the top. The rear did not need the little pieces of the latch as I could just have the latch grab the lip of the bulkhead.