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  1. FLCJ8

    Ignition Misfire Diagnostics

    I realize this isn't of any help to your problem (well maybe it is), when you are searching for answers are you looking for black "intake" or "exhaust" valves? #8 is the only one that has a dark "exhaust" valve, so maybe you mistyped in your searching as well. :shrug:
  2. FLCJ8

    Current Scrambler pics

    Putting your new building to good use. :cheers:
  3. FLCJ8

    Cherokee Chief

    Very nice toys. I vote for the four legged "woofer" too. :thumbsup:
  4. FLCJ8

    Advice needed: Looking at buying a project cj-8

    Sounds like a good project. Do you have any pics you can share? As far as transporting... If it's together enough to roll onto a trailer just set the tub on it and temporarily bolt it to the frame. I transported mine ~12 hours on a U-haul trailer with all the additional parts, tools, etc. in...
  5. FLCJ8

    Scrambler i.d.

    Also, depending on the parts and condition: "1975 to 1986 Jeep CJ VIN numbers are usually located in several possible locations. You should find a tin plate on the drivers side firewall near the brake master cylinder. You may also find one on the drivers side dash or the inside body panel by...
  6. FLCJ8

    Scrambler i.d.

    Paint cont.
  7. FLCJ8

    Scrambler i.d.

    Paint Cont.
  8. FLCJ8

    Scrambler i.d.

    Paint Codes
  9. FLCJ8

    Scrambler i.d.

    VIN Decoder http://www.jeepfan.com/tech/decoding-jeep-cj-vin-numbers-1971-1986/
  10. FLCJ8

    Scrambler i.d.

    Continuation of Trim Codes
  11. FLCJ8

    Scrambler i.d.

    See attachment below and on next post. No factory V8's See two posts from here.
  12. FLCJ8

    I am in search of a good used body pannel

    This is an old thread but they actually made them so I would think they may still be available. :shrug: https://www.cj-8.com/threads/upper-a-pillar-repair-panel.25758/page-2
  13. FLCJ8

    Tub Mounts - 1984 Scrambler

    From the factory they all have the sleeves. I remember most of mine were intact, but I went with a 1" lift so used the hardware in the kit. Here is a set that shows the parts: https://www.quadratec.com/products/55008_00.htm
  14. FLCJ8

    Warn 8274 wiring

    I actually used some of the lower amperage ones on my golf cart for a 48vdc-120vac inverter. How do you like the li-po set up? The SB-350 are rated up to 500 amps (wire size dependent), the 8274 is well within the rating of these connectors.
  15. FLCJ8

    Warn 8274 wiring

    My plan is using quick connects. (This will also allow the ability to quickly attach jumper cables for helping jump other vehicles.) https://www.customcableusa.com/collections/quick-connect-plugs
  16. FLCJ8

    Building a Scrambler from left overs

    Mine is an unmolested '83. :shrug:
  17. FLCJ8

    2 Door Gladiator 4xe

    Or if you don't have the time/money for the task... work with what you have. :cheers: (anyone here?)
  18. FLCJ8

    Rebuild original motor or replace with a remanufactured Jasper motor.

    Not sure how original your 8 is or what your plans are but... if it were me I would consider a quality stroker motor and store the original engine if you are concerned about any resale down the road. The future buyer could decide if they would want to rebuild the original motor, run the...
  19. FLCJ8

    Current Scrambler pics

    Has your speedometer been calibrated for the 35" tires and 4.56 gears? Per Grimmjeeper.com AW4 Transfer Case in High 4.56 gears 35" (34.7") M/T's
  20. FLCJ8

    4.0 with Speedhut gauges?

    This would only work for one particular value as the resistance curve of the sending unit is non-linear. That helps a lot. I had found the temp to resistance values for their sending unit on their website but it was only a graph. That spreadsheet is much more helpful. As the gauge doesn't...