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  1. jerseyjeeps

    10 year picture challenge.

    Yes ! I’m sure we would all like to see pics of it cruising in the Italian scenery!
  2. jerseyjeeps

    10 year picture challenge.

    Wow did I miss the part about your Jeep being in Italy ?!? I know the rollover story quite well but Italy too? Wow!
  3. jerseyjeeps


  4. jerseyjeeps

    Looking for Scrambler Half Cab Soft Top, ANY COLOR ANY CONDITION!

    Great follow up! If you are able to sell the saddle bags and or bikini top separately I am interested, let me know..thanks
  5. jerseyjeeps

    Spankrjs 1986 "Ploy-Boy" CJ-7

    I finally caught up on this thread, another very detailed excellent job Raymond! It makes me cringe seeing you tackling the oh so common rust we have here in the Northeast!
  6. jerseyjeeps

    kayline soft top hardware

    What year CJ5? 1975 and earlier or 1976 and up? Pretty sure I have a NOS hardware kit for 1975 and earlier that has instructions and brackets etc in it.
  7. jerseyjeeps

    Looking for Scrambler Half Cab Soft Top, ANY COLOR ANY CONDITION!

    If you can show the area of material behind the Jeep stamp, basically the area that is vertical one of the sides can tell if it is hard doors or soft doors. Also if there is 3 snaps there instead of a sleeve area that the rod passes through, it is for hard doors.
  8. jerseyjeeps

    Floor plugs for body mount bolt access?

    They pop out from the top, the prongs are a bit spring loaded and do take some force and on the originals prying out with a screw driver does mess the seal some. These are also painted over from the factory, not ideal and not really designed to take in and out although you could.
  9. jerseyjeeps

    Floor plugs for body mount bolt access?

    These are metal and have a rubberish type seal. That’s what you see that is off white in the pic. AMC actually used this exact plug on the CJs towards the end of the run and then YJs too
  10. jerseyjeeps

    Starting on restoration of 1981 Scrambler in Spain....

    I drove an Isuzu Diesel powered CJ-8 from France while in Italy last year and was very impressed with it. But I’m sure for you guys its so common you want our 4.0 i get it…but as said above, I’d keep it. Thanks for sharing your work with us.
  11. jerseyjeeps

    FARM-LANDER - Preservation Mod

    Yes those are the factory wheels for 77-79 CJs
  12. jerseyjeeps

    Been a while since we had a Beer thread...

    Back to the top with this thread…its been since June…so here ya go. One of my favored PA IPA’s
  13. jerseyjeeps

    FARM-LANDER - Preservation Mod

    The CJ7 donor top pieces is a brilliant idea to run the standard doors!!! Incredible work…and I really like the white rims against the top with the red stripe to top it off. 10 outta 10!
  14. jerseyjeeps

    What's on your Work Bench?

    I saw your other post first but clearly not 1970s car! Into the scrap pile that one goes :(
  15. jerseyjeeps

    Craigslist and Estate Sale finds!

    nice…and i guess the guy lost the oem jack…noticed the sticker and said some 70s car musta donated that thing!
  16. jerseyjeeps

    Craigslist and Estate Sale finds!

    Nice! That one looks extremely good and not all warped…the lid is sitting real nice. Major score!
  17. jerseyjeeps

    Factory Whitco Halfsofttop

    Incredible find! Yes that is Slate Blue, OEM color used 1982-1983
  18. jerseyjeeps

    Project Panel Replacement

    Ive got a good one of those i can send you.
  19. jerseyjeeps

    Window regulator rollers

    Photo not uploading ..try manana