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  1. trent234

    CJ-10 Owners

    Hey y'all, I'm looking for a bench seat for my 8 that was often found in these trucks. Anyone have one getting in the way in their garage? ;)
  2. trent234

    CJ-10a Finding

    I consider myself lucky because this morning because I decided to turn around in some parking lot and I discovered this tug hiding in the back :D . I can't imagine there are too many of these still sitting around... The owner wasn't around as its behind a car shop closed for the weekend...
  3. trent234

    Radiator fan clearance

    Hey guys, first let me say I'm new to most of this so bear with me. so I'm faced with a radiator fan issue. I'm currently running without a radiator fan, and I'm looking to change that. The problem is, there is very little room for a fan to be mounted. As you can see its tight. Most fans...