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  1. designerRob

    Voodoo Blue 82 Complete Refresh

    What an amazing electrical setup, and so clean! I'm sure many of us here will take information from this post alone for our Jeeps. 🍻
  2. designerRob

    First day/last day/two yellow Jeeps (not CJ-8 - proud dad warning)

    Congrats to your whole family! And what a great excuse to visit the UP and especially the Marquette area, BEAUTIFUL.
  3. designerRob

    Current Scrambler pics

    Did you ever post more pics of this beauty? That Jeepster is awesome but it sure needed proper wheels and bumpers. How did it turn out?
  4. designerRob

    Cherokee Chief

    Awesome! Yes, more pics please. 🍻
  5. designerRob

    How to figure out build date of my 1981 Scrambler

    Now you're just bragging, being an oo (original owner) 😆 and 🍻
  6. designerRob

    What's on your Work Bench?

    Real nice. Will you refinish the dash pad and console to match?
  7. designerRob

    Looking for wood rails for my 1982

  8. designerRob

    Current Scrambler pics

    One of my favorite color combos. 👍 She's a beauty!
  9. designerRob

    My new 1982 CJ8

    You don't see many CJs with flames. (y) What are the specs on it?
  10. designerRob


    I don't know if I'd trust those as a recovery point. :rotfl:
  11. designerRob


    I don't think anything compares with the abomination that is the 'angry grill'. Those make me angry. 🤣
  12. designerRob


    I don't think it's stupid but it's not something I'm interested in. I think it's more of a younger person / social media type thing. My neighbor put one on my 8 a year or so ago. I just threw it away.
  13. designerRob

    Another Scrambler Concept Vehicle (and other Jeeps)

    It's an interesting concept vehicle. I wish they wouldn't drag the Scrambler name into it. You'd think as creative as they were with the vehicle that they could be as creative with an original name.
  14. designerRob

    Project Patience

    You're not lacking for horsepower now. 👍
  15. designerRob

    bigwalton Postal teardown/rebuild - what would you do?

    Exterior trim and weather seals, no mechanical.
  16. designerRob

    bigwalton Postal teardown/rebuild - what would you do?

    The wagon version is even worse. I hate to say I actually designed a few parts on that series. Although, the overall design theme was all Ford stylists.
  17. designerRob

    '84 Postal - Do What?!?

    Man, fresh paint is just so awesome 👍
  18. designerRob

    Not 8's, but another source for "New" CJ7 Tubs?

    I'm not talking about the fiberglass bulkhead made by GR8TOPS. My reply was in reference to the KEY stamped metal bulkhead sold by GR8TOPS and others. GR8TOPS sells both now.
  19. designerRob

    Not 8's, but another source for "New" CJ7 Tubs?

    👍 Be sure and let us all know how it fits.
  20. designerRob

    Not 8's, but another source for "New" CJ7 Tubs?

    It looks like the first picture in both ads are the same. I think it probably is the same product. And when it comes to buying versus repairing, many of us have the same dilemma. I have significant rust through on the lower lip of mine. And I have no sheet metal welding experience. I will need...