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  1. certifiablejeep

    Building a Scrambler from left overs

    That air cleaner housing seemed to come out decent. The rest looks amazing. cb
  2. certifiablejeep

    Advice needed: Looking at buying a project cj-8

    B Pillar... replacing a side panel with a MD Juan one because of rusted out wheel arches... The piece is the same piece that they use to make their bodies with... figured I would give it a try as it is "fresh" metal, but the stamping is just a little off all around. cb
  3. certifiablejeep

    Advice needed: Looking at buying a project cj-8

    I have a good representation of OEM vs. MD Juan in this picture... OEM on the left MD Juan on the right. It is close, but it isn't quite right... the stamping isn't as "crisp" as well. All in all, it can be made to work, but it takes time (and pie cut slicing / welding) cb
  4. certifiablejeep

    Current Scrambler pics

    There is a whole lot of cool going on in this picture... Garnet console next on the list? cb
  5. certifiablejeep

    Gazzo's Down-under CJ thread

    I saw "gazzo" and was like... no way... welcome back! Glad to hear things are good... looking forward to the news. cb
  6. certifiablejeep

    Advice needed: Looking at buying a project cj-8

    A little research on the tub and you will see that even the "corrected" tubs take many, many (sometimes hundreds) of hours to get right. Deal is still pretty sweet though overall. cb
  7. certifiablejeep

    Building a Scrambler from left overs

    I think I have a 360 air cleaner on the shelf that might fit the bill... let me take a picture of it tonight when I am out there. I got it in a trade a while back and just tossed it up there, not exactly sure what the underside looks like for the carb mounting... also if there is room for power...
  8. certifiablejeep

    Building a Scrambler from left overs

    I will add a little tidbit I saw a couple years back. On the Tug tub (CJ-10a) that is on the truck project... both sides are Jeep... and it is a 1986. Either they got restamped sides from new dies, or they found a lot of left over side. I have torn down a few Jeeps that had differing levels of...
  9. certifiablejeep

    82 UK Spec Laredo Scrambler Build No 2

    Looks great! I keep hoping to get back to it... life is just very busy these days. cb
  10. certifiablejeep

    Project Panel Replacement

    Also, this came in the mail the other day. cb
  11. certifiablejeep

    Project Panel Replacement

    Teaser picture that I snapped the other day... not ready for any write ups, but since we all love pictures :) cb
  12. certifiablejeep

    Project Panel Replacement

    Well, 2023 has been quite a ride... mainly sickness of all varieties since the new year... as a family we decided to share all the germs and run through the Covid/Flu/Stomach Bug/some nasty cold thing/and possible Covid again. Mostly over it now, but it took quite a toll on the time side of...
  13. certifiablejeep

    CJ7 Caroline Build

    The key parts corners are pretty nice... they fit good and match up better than the previous versions of these. cb
  14. certifiablejeep

    Looking for information on Opinions on Omix Body Tub

    You can probably search on MD Juan tubs on here as well as I think they are one in the same. cb
  15. certifiablejeep

    bigwalton Postal teardown/rebuild - what would you do?

    Pricing on 4.6L Jeep EFI Turnkey for 1971-1990 Jeeps: 1971-1990 year models $9,499 Buy Now I knew it would be expensive, but that is up there. cb
  16. certifiablejeep

    Renegade, stationary, rear seat

    2 things... they are for seatbelts, and that is a Laredo seat... cb
  17. certifiablejeep

    Repli-tub deficiencies

    I have swapped firewalls for a LHD to a RHD conversion... it can be done, but it is time consuming. If you are farming this out, I would see what the shop rate is and multiply that by 400... I think it becomes a question of "is it worth it"? even at $50 an hour, which is very cheap, that...
  18. certifiablejeep

    Craigslist and Estate Sale finds!

    Great score! cb