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  1. Rosco1974

    What's on your Work Bench?

    I just decked mine. You are going the extra mile. Looks good.
  2. Rosco1974

    Recommendation for bump stops on 2-1/2" BDS lifted Jeep Scrambler widetrack

    I didn't like the bump stop choices so I bought the extensions that go under the u-bolts. Can run the OE style with these.
  3. Rosco1974

    Wiw warn floating kit

    They are hard to find...
  4. Rosco1974


    Have yours re-cored and find a shroud is my recommendation. For my non‐oem Jeeps I use Champion. They make a good radiator and have shroud options. Run them in my YJ and LS TJ.
  5. Rosco1974

    Soundproofing engine noise

    I sometimes wear earplugs half way in. Cuts out a lot of road and engine noise....
  6. Rosco1974

    Drive line conflict with TH400/D300

    Something looks off. Is that a factory cross member? Does not look to have the recessed area for the front driveshaft. The shifter looks to be pointed to the drivers side more than normal. Can be indexed down.
  7. Rosco1974

    Rear sway bar on 4.5 RE springs

    Agree with Barrys. Post pics so we can see what you got.
  8. Rosco1974

    Howell fuel injection 77-80 vs 81-86

    It's likely the Duraspark wiring (direct vs through computer) and factory O2 sensor port in the manifold. Rewire the ignition direct. Should be simple to make it work. I say buy it.
  9. Rosco1974

    Warn winch paint colors?

    Not the correct color, but I used Rustoleum Cardinal Red on one a few years ago. Turned out nice.
  10. Rosco1974

    Cool vehicles we used to own

    My former Mustangs...
  11. Rosco1974

    2150 Carb swap

    This. Otherwise you need to find or fab a longer throttle lever arm and use the pull-down. I walked around the salvage yard and found something that worked, drilled two holes and bolted it onto the MC2100 arm.
  12. Rosco1974

    What's on your Work Bench?

    My workbench is somewhere in there. Moving to Oklahoma City.
  13. Rosco1974

    YJs are the new CJs?

    Looked like they should be on Miami Vice.
  14. Rosco1974

    YJs are the new CJs?

    Agree all the way around. Each have things I love so I have one of each (CJ/YJ/TJ). My first Jeep was a 1991 YJ. MY YJ is a run-a-round with a 2.5" RE lift, 31's and half doors.
  15. Rosco1974

    YJs are the new CJs?

    Clean one-owner on BAT https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1994-jeep-wrangler-28/
  16. Rosco1974

    Craigslist and Estate Sale finds!

    Second one for me. The first one (April 1975) was really odd. Different inner brake rotor, main gear, no zerk on the paw. https://m.facebook.com/groups/Survivorjeeps/permalink/796965847369864/
  17. Rosco1974

    Craigslist and Estate Sale finds!

    Found another (early) 8274.
  18. Rosco1974

    Water in parking lamps

    It's not uncommon to get condensation/water if the seal is bad. There should be a small slit in the lens and housing (align them) on the bottom. This lets moisture exit and air in to dry. When the seal goes bad some people use clear silicone but it makes changing the bulb a PITA.
  19. Rosco1974

    Floor mat options

    I have had those "liner" style in YJs before. Loved them.
  20. Rosco1974

    Current Scrambler pics

    It was take your kid to work day