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    Has anyone polished the inside of their intake manifold?

    I would agree with Fummins... Gasket matching or porting is worth the time, polishing is not. Every little bit helps on a 2.5.
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    GM 2.5 151 oil pump replacement

    An oil pump for a 2.5 would be standard or high volume, not high pressure. Oil pressure is determined by the tolerances in your engine - for instance - ring gaps, bearing wear tolerances, pushrod end tolerance, etc... Unless you are planning to add an oversize pan and have your engine spend...
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    Meet Rusty, 82 5.0 Build

    That looks like it hangs down farther than I would have thought it would. Is that just because of how tall the M5 tranny is? Did you measure the tilt angle of the engine to tranny assembly? And, I can't remember... did you have a body lift at all?
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    Meet Rusty, 82 5.0 Build

    Radiator and hoses. My Scrambler has the "high capacity" radiator, the one with the cap on the left side, as opposed to the center cap location. This radiator is a couple inches taller than the standard, and has a 1.5 inch taller core, with slightly larger tanks are only differences I can...
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    Fuel Gauge/Temp Gauge Regulator Replacement Experiment

    You are exactly right, that is what the SD does, just a more efficient control solution. The formula to use to figure out what you would need to reach full sweep on the gauges is the combo of Watts and Ohms laws. Your resistance ranges are known so you could play with the 0-12 volt range and...
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    Fuel Gauge/Temp Gauge Regulator Replacement Experiment

    Hadn't been on in a while, surprised to see this thread. I can offer this comparison of the 2 controllers used, not sure if it is helpful or not... The LM voltage regulator I wrote about is an integrated linear regulator and operates on a single ground. This means all energy that flows into...
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    Meet Rusty, 82 5.0 Build

    Pace Setter F150 shorty headers for 90s trucks will work. Probably any brand for those pickups... I ordered "Summit Racing" and they came with a Pace Setter model plate tacked on. I am guessing you will need to use a hydraulic clutch for the M5R? You may be able to make the stockers work if...
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    Alternator Overcharging

    If everything is stock, you have a delco SI alternator with a 2 wire clip or plug and a batt terminal (regulator is internal). Sounds like you may have a problem with the S (sense) wire. The two terminals are labeled 1 and 2, 1 is the field or excite wire, it should be a resistor wire if your...
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    Meet Rusty, 82 5.0 Build

    The wire choices you will have to integrate are power in crank and run key positions for ECU and fuel pump. Charging activation and control for alternator (input/output to ECU) and ties to fuse panel. ECU Power and Ground. Obsess about your grounds. Use dielectric grease and tie every part -...
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    Meet Rusty, 82 5.0 Build

    Answering from a few posts back.... I am using the accessory set up from a 85 GT. It is pretty much the same set up that ran through 93. The 94-95 mustangs changed accessory location when the hood got a little lower on those years. Your air pump should work fine if you need it for emissions...
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    CTO valve. 2 port or 5 port?

    The 2 port will work fine, if it operates. The inner port marked S goes to ported vacuum. In stock form it went to the Temp Valve on the air cleaner. You can hook it to ported vacuum in the 2100. The outer port, marked E goes to EGR.
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    Meet Rusty, 82 5.0 Build

    I did use the MORE mounts, good product. I also added their steering box brace kit, and their heavy duty shackle hangers. Made a huge difference.
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    Meet Rusty, 82 5.0 Build

    I have done this swap. Runs great. Harness integration difficulty depends on how much electrical you want to be Ford and how much you want to leave as Jeep. If you just add engine harness while leaving the body harness Jeep it is 4 wires to tie together (plus power runs for your fuel...
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    Failed piston coating?

    Yes, that is a thing. Usually it is heat that causes the problem. Skirt rubs, teflon gone, galls up piston and cylinder wall. Most common with oiling problem. Also can come from a slightly out of round bore job, or an slightly over-clearance rod journal. Did they use long or short rods in...
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    Inspired by the photo contest - great 8 photos

    BigWalton - They are American Racing - Ansen offroad
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    Inside of the charcoal canister

    Yes. Tank vents to inner circle and vents from outer circle. Hydrocarbons heavier than air and fall to bottom. Then vent out up through charcoal. And, if your vacuum valve is bad and passes air all the time, you can plug the signal hole on it with a screw and add a new external vacuum valve for...
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    Electric Cooling Fan

    Did you get a new plug? I found them on Amazon for $8. Used a Dakota digital controller so I have low and high speed function and can program the turn on/off points for both low and high speed. Plus the controller will give you a digital temp readout too. You will like the fan, it fits and...
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    Laredo Seat Covers

    I have used a set of these. https://www.lseat.com/products/1976-1986-jeep-cj7-custom-real-leather-seat-covers-front.html They are not same material or surface texture as stock, but the color and patterns were pretty good for price.