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  1. barrys

    Butters - Jeff's 81 Scrambler Build Thread

    I wonder what the performance/mpg difference will be? Yeah I know you don't buy a CJ for the MPG but still curious how it might change.
  2. barrys

    Current Scrambler pics

    I saw the sweatshirt and thought maybe you where in PA.....nope.
  3. barrys

    1981 CJ8 resurrection, again,

    Sounds like you still have your Red CJ8?
  4. barrys

    Spankrjs 1986 "Ploy-Boy" CJ-7

    Looks like most of that could be replaced with a Meyers e47/e60 pump. Not much to a CJ setup with an electric pump.
  5. barrys

    Advice needed: Looking at buying a project cj-8

    Having a complete post '76 Jeep CJ to look at would help a ton. CJ5/7/8 all are mostly the same except for body lengths.
  6. barrys

    Advice needed: Looking at buying a project cj-8

    Maybe somebody on here is close and could lay eyes on it before you commit to a plan ticket and box truck reservations.
  7. barrys

    Warn 8274 winch protection

    https://factor55.com/product/winch-lock/ I have 1 I will use when I put a xd8000i or 8274 on my Jeep. Not actually sure it will work with the 8274
  8. barrys

    Anybody near Mebane, NC?

    Bummer I won't be a little closer.
  9. barrys

    Anybody near Mebane, NC?

    Might be spending the night near there Wednesday(may 3rd) Suppose to fly to Atlanta, go to Keenesaw, Georgia to pick up a tractor, drive to Mebane, NC to pick up a trailer and drive both home to Philadelphia area. Not sure where I would be staying but if anybody is real close, I might be done...
  10. barrys

    Current Scrambler pics

    That is a Chris Durham Motorsports rig.
  11. barrys

    82 UK Spec Laredo Scrambler Build No 2

    Double D fabrication out of Lititz, Pa
  12. barrys

    What's on your Work Bench?

    They do make rebuild kits if the do wear. I have seen a few bent shafts
  13. barrys


    I see bone stock JK and JL with dashes covered with them. I put 5000 miles on my CJ7 and didn't get a single one. Must be more of a newer Jeeps thing.
  14. barrys

    Looking for information on Opinions on Omix Body Tub

    I think they are with some add ons and tweaking.
  15. barrys

    CJ8/TJ Hybrid build

    Part # and price for the tracbar?
  16. barrys

    What's on your Work Bench?

    Wish my Trailquest tank was the stainless version. Anybody have any idea when the closed up shop?
  17. barrys

    Another Scrambler Concept Vehicle (and other Jeeps)

    The old 396 BBC was actually 402 inches
  18. barrys

    Raven - 2001 XJ

    That cubby is for a JL audio stealth sub box(if you are into that kinda thing). I had 2 but never installed either. Now I have 2 10" subs under the rear seat of my Ram.
  19. barrys

    bigwalton Postal teardown/rebuild - what would you do?

    In PA, with a VIN, an inspection mechanic used to be able to check the database for mileage when the vehicle was last inspected. Not sure the case in your area.
  20. barrys

    bigwalton Postal teardown/rebuild - what would you do?

    Should be low milage and damage free unless tree fell on hood or massive tree. That would be a 6.4 with 485 hp? That might be the fastest postal vehicle out there if you pull the trigger??