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  1. bigwalton

    Electric Cooling Fan

    The supercharger I had on the LJ required one and it came with a SPAL that has worked well. I have a Maradyne in the Postal that I believe moves more air and is a bit quieter, though they’re all loud to a degree. It took more work to mount and is thicker than the SPAL but still smaller than the...
  2. bigwalton

    The First Scramble...or was it?

    I do know that was the one that either led directly to the formation of this forum or immediately followed it. I remember Matt telling me about it.
  3. bigwalton

    The First Scramble...or was it?

    I was not there as I didn’t yet own my Postal. Got it in June ‘01. The first event I came to was Oak Ridge that fall.
  4. bigwalton

    Rear axle swap

    Moved to the drivetrain subforum.
  5. bigwalton

    Cj-8 Hot Wheels and Matchbox

  6. bigwalton

    Some eye candy for you...

    No reserve
  7. bigwalton

    Some eye candy for you...

    I’m getting mad play with a JPFreek FB post about the Daystar FC being up for sale, asking what people think it will sell for. I posted a number of the photos and videos of it, got to see it at SEMA and then covered the Daystar EJS trail ride on Metal Masher where Mark took it out wheeling...
  8. bigwalton

    SandBlast 12 - Silver Lake Sand Dunes, Michigan - Aug 3-11

    Hit up the thread in the Midwest section too. That’s the main event thread.
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    My Big Red Scrambler

    Very nice. That’s such a huge difference to have in and done :thumbsup:
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    CJ-10 Owners

  11. bigwalton

    How to properly secure a child seat in the rear bench seat?

    I used a ratcheting setup where you fastened the lap belt and then slipped the belt through the ratchet and cranked it down until you were happy. It got the seat "buried" into the bench seat something fierce and never moved. This isn't the one I had, but it's the same idea...
  12. bigwalton

    SandBlast 12 - Silver Lake Sand Dunes, Michigan - Aug 3-11

    Dates and details have been posted for this most excellent and family friendly event now in it's 12th year. The event has grown to a full week and there's no entry fee or anything, you simply show up (we have a large area in the Sandy Shores campground where they put our group together if you...
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    SJScrambler - Getting Started

    Hot dawg. What is the thinking on filling the front wall of the bed? Did you make a decision on that?
  14. bigwalton


    Yes, but that's basically true of where the JK went relative to the TJ as well, so if they wanted to alter forecasts based on sticker prices it should have been a hit on both the JK and JKU. That would have altered overall numbers on both, not changed the proportion. As a counterpoint, they've...
  15. bigwalton


    Keep in mind (and it applies to them not offering a 2-door as well) that Jeep’s research was exactly backward on the JK/JKU popularity split when they were introduced. Jeep forecast/built 85% JKs and 15% JKUs at the intro in 2007 and only to find out it was *exactly* the opposite when they hit...
  16. bigwalton

    My "new" dream Scrambler

    Sorry about the wheel delay, that sucks. Enjoy the new gig.
  17. bigwalton

    SJScrambler - Getting Started

    :bow: :bow: :bow:
  18. bigwalton

    Steering Wander

    I didn’t see where anyone said to just start the Jeep with a helper behind the wheel, keep brake on and just easily turn the wheel left and right to watch what moves around relative to one another. Jammer’s list is great as a start for steering shaft/box input but turning while running shows box...
  19. bigwalton

    What do you think about this?

    The right springs/shocks negate the issues people try to address with shackle reversal IMO. I made my own ouboarding kit back in 2005 to keep shackles forward because I hated the idea of reversal on a soft, lifted CJ-8 with a World Cab (drove it on the street all winter with it on in NC, where I...
  20. bigwalton

    Project JPSK8 - my last build??

    Wow, that seems like a deal to me if it holds up and helps at all. You spend something like $75 or so just for a wrap kit plus the time it takes, right?