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  1. Ron84cj

    Jeep Snow Pics...Post 'em up!

    I also love it. I have been snowboarding for 24 years now. Like Scott I hate the salt. People need to just learn how to drive. Having 4 seasons is great. For the most part we don't get super hot summers or super cold winter's. Usually it doesn't get too extreme for more than maybe a couple...
  2. Ron84cj

    Jeep Snow Pics...Post 'em up!

    So last night I pulled the Jeep outside so I could work on my sisters car. Hours later I open the garage and discovered it snowed several inches... I couldn't resist, I had to screw around a little with the jeep around our property. I really wish there wasn't salt on the road. I love driving in...
  3. Ron84cj

    West Bend, WI, any members near here or Milwaukee?

    Shoot. I just realized you posted this over a week ago. Hopefully it's not too late.
  4. Ron84cj

    West Bend, WI, any members near here or Milwaukee?

    I live in West bend. I'd be more than happy to help.
  5. Ron84cj

    How to properly secure a child seat in the rear bench seat?

    On a side note... When you get the car seat in put a towel down first so the car seat won't ruin the upholstery. Also, if you know you won't drive it for a few days loosen the seat so it isn't constantly digging into the cushion and ruin it. Just don't forget to tighten it back up when you need it.
  6. Ron84cj

    Steering intermediate shaft

    It's without question my intermediate shaft. The joint down by the steering box has a ridiculous amount of play. The rest of my steering components are all new.
  7. Ron84cj

    Steering intermediate shaft

    I am sick of my Jeep steering like a tractor. I bought an omix ada shaft and it's just as bad if not worse than the old worn out one. I looked out there and saw a few options that greatly varied in price. Do any of you have a recommendations for me? I don't mind spending more if it's worth it...
  8. Ron84cj

    Why I will never buy MSD again.

    I also went through 3 msd 6al boxes in my firebird over one summer. I hate those things. I also have never gotten an msd ignition coil to live more than 2 years! I will never buy from them again either.
  9. Ron84cj

    We did a thing...

    One of the guys in my local Jeep club has one with only a 2 inch lift and slightly bigger tires. Wheelin with him these last few weeks I gotta say I was very impressed with how much that little thing could tackle. I didn't think he would get through a fraction of the obstacles that he did.
  10. Ron84cj

    LS swap radiators

    I have no idea if the stock radiator it is sufficient. Not sure I would trust that.
  11. Ron84cj

    Using tow bar on highway

    Get a trailer! It's just not worth the risk.
  12. Ron84cj

    Heading to Michigan UP

    Very cool! Drive safe and don't forget to take lots of pictures!
  13. Ron84cj

    AMC401 or LS

    Just flow numbers aren't everything. The combustion chamber on those old cylinder heads do nothing for efficiency. Very often it is not hard to have $1000 into rebuilding old heads. Especially if you have earlier heads that don't have hardened valve seats. I didn't realize they were quite that...
  14. Ron84cj

    AMC401 or LS

    As far as gas mileage goes. The worst I have gotten with my 5.3 with a 5 speed was 16. I have hit 20 mpg cruising at 60. On the other hand, the 401 would be awesome. But if you have to go through the heads which you most likely do, I would give serious consideration toward the aftermarket...
  15. Ron84cj

    A2 same as AA? AMC 20 axle

    Actually A would be 3.54. I have never seen A2, just AA. Maybe someone stamped it on?:shrug: I would just pull the cover and count the teeth and see if it has an open or limited slip so you know for sure
  16. Ron84cj

    Dana 300 whine

    That's actually exactly what it sounds like. When you are in reverse with a manual transmission, only louder.
  17. Ron84cj

    Dana 300 whine

    Valvoline 80w 90. The Jeep I got this out of I wouldn't be a bit surprised if it had never been in 4wd or 4 low at all. It had the little 205-75R15 tires on it for it's whole life. Some fire department used it for really light duty use. Maybe the bearings got damaged from sitting?
  18. Ron84cj

    Dana 300 whine

    It will do it anytime I go faster than 5 to 10 mph. At least that is when I start to hear it.
  19. Ron84cj

    Dana 300 whine

    My Dana 300 is quite in high range, but in low the gears really whine. I've had the cover off and there wasn't anything noticably wrong inside. The gears all looked nice. So hoping it was just the fuild I filled it up with fresh stuff but no difference. Is this normal for these things?
  20. Ron84cj

    Is your CJ tub a "Jeep" or a "Joop"

    Holy crap...14 year old thread!:rotfl: I thought this sounded familiar!