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  1. DeLuke

    Times They Are A Changin'

    Ok Tommy, this is what you get to look forward to. At one point, he's just going to pick stuff up and mimic whatever you do. The pics may be a little gratuitous but I couldn't help myself. There is a CJ in every picture though!
  2. DeLuke

    Times They Are A Changin'

    Congrats, Tommy. That's awesome news! I may have to post pictures, but trust me it will only be a few years before he's trying to help with the Jeeps by turning bolts or polishing wheels.
  3. DeLuke

    I'm definitely interested in the wheels if they are drilled for center caps. Thanks.

    I'm definitely interested in the wheels if they are drilled for center caps. Thanks.
  4. DeLuke

    OEM Side Steps

    CJ tubs did not come with the holes pre-drilled. Either the factory or the dealer drilled them if you ordered or added side steps, respectively.
  5. DeLuke

    Laredo Seat Covers

    I got the Lseat swatch probably two years ago, and was not very impressed. I'm not sure if I still have it but could take a look over the long weekend. If I find it, happy to send it to you. Won't do you much good if you want an actual order, and they never get back to you.
  6. DeLuke

    Peanut Butter and Jelly.....

    Greatness. So true. My wife's daily and her 1969 Camaro stay in our attached garage. All the Jeeps are parked in the detached garage/barn that we built last year. My daily driver and the J10 get the driveway. She gave me quite the look once when I hinted she might temporarily park her...
  7. DeLuke

    Discount for 4-Cylinder Engine

    Yep, that great looking blue SR is what started the discussion between Pimp and me. I agree that it would be sold if it had the 6 in it. Now how much more valuable if it had slate blue interior . . .
  8. DeLuke

    Nutmeg vinyl dye

    That's nice and looks like a great match! Like the before and after comparison.
  9. DeLuke

    Discount for 4-Cylinder Engine

    Just wondering what people's views are on the value discount for a 4-cylinder engine versus the 6-cylinder on a good driver condition Scrambler (or CJ7). I use the term driver to mean one that is running okay, maybe in need an old-style tune-up, but not an overhaul, i.e. no mechanical reason...
  10. DeLuke

    Hind sight

    Look at the stress on the poor white bumper! Looks like it's bowing up. I've seen a handful of the step bumpers bowed up like that.
  11. DeLuke

    White step bumper

    That looks nice and a must for a Scrambler Renegade (SR). PM sent / conversation started.
  12. DeLuke

    Windshield frame

    I do not like any of the current remanufactured so appreciate the future availability of the Key windshield. I took a month to search for good factory used ones. It's a hard search. I found a decent factory frame that still cost more than desired. Plus, it needed work from the shop anyway...
  13. DeLuke

    EBAY'er jeep for sale Strikes again

    I've bought good to excellent factory parts from them before when they are restoring their Jeeps. So if they want to put aftermarket shiny cheap stuff on them, I'm good with it.
  14. DeLuke

    Craigslist and Estate Sale finds!

    Awesome. What a nice throw in!
  15. DeLuke

    Newby with pricing question

    That NADA and Price Guide are not truly reflective of market. I just looked at the Hagerty pricing tool, and there estimates seem reasonable or at least not unreasonable based on what I see in the market. With details and pictures, we can throw out some actual price ranges for you.
  16. DeLuke

    2 beat CJ 7’s = Scrambler Parts

    I know you want to sell whole but let me know if you want to sell anything separately. I'd be up for the rollbar pad if that's whitco and some other smalls that I see.
  17. DeLuke

    I bought one today!

    I would not despair. There are several of us that believe many base 1985 Scramblers received the Renegade wheel for some reason. I have watched this Jeep for sale for a long time. It looked great and the mileage looked authentic based on the shape of the interior. Glad you could finally buy it.
  18. DeLuke

    Looking for help getting a CJ7 from Converse, TX to Erie, PA

    There should not be a check engine light unless they've installed fuel injection. This may not be relevant to the situation, but it's over 25 years old and would only needs a safety inspection in Texas. As long as its running, stopping, all the lights (headlights, brake lights and turning...
  19. DeLuke

    Looking for help getting a CJ7 from Converse, TX to Erie, PA

    The guy from Pirate sounds like he wants your business. LOL. Of course, you should expect to pay $2,000 because that's essentially what he's quoting you at $1.25 a mile. Converse is a suburb of San Antonio, TX, 3rd largest metro area in Texas and along I-10, the major corridor from Southern...
  20. DeLuke

    Looking for help getting a CJ7 from Converse, TX to Erie, PA

    Agree with Adam on the running v. non-running. In my experience, non-running will cost $200-$300 more, and some groups may not be interested in non-op. Offer to pay your buddy for a new battery (and starter fluid, lol) to see if he can get it running enough to drive up on a trailer. You'll be...