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  1. Ron84cj

    Alaskan Postal CJ-8 factory build oral history - what do you want to know?

    I'm actually intrigued about the frames too. Hasn't it been pretty well established that they seem to hold up remarkably well compared to the normal Scramblers? Or am I remembering wrong? If they did something different, what was it?
  2. Ron84cj

    Making a run to the Museum of Alaska Transportation and Industry next week.

    That is cool! Take a bunch of pics.
  3. Ron84cj

    My Yuppie Jeep

    Lol. That cai should add at LEAST 50 hp right? Especially if I put the AEM sticker on the back. 😎 I do hope it can maintain 70 to 75. I don't expect passing power but just cruising that fast would absolutely be fine. The tires are a little bigger than stock but are still only 29 inch tires...
  4. Ron84cj

    My Yuppie Jeep

    Noah and I got more done tonight. We didn't work really long, but pulled out the ball joints, inner axle shaft, and that weird vacuum axle disconnect thing. The 4.10 gears are in great shape.
  5. Ron84cj

    My Yuppie Jeep

    Lol. Nice. Now in all seriousness, will this thing actually maintain freeway speeds? 75mph ish?
  6. Ron84cj

    My Yuppie Jeep

    Lol. Never in my life did I ever think I was going to buy any "Jeep" newer than 1986. I actually wasn't even looking for anything at all. On a Saturday morning about a month ago I stopped in at Panera to pick up a bunch of bagels for my family with my blue Scrambler. This gentleman walks up to...
  7. Ron84cj

    Which Winch To Use?

    In my opinion it's a gamble these days. Honestly the only winches I have ever personally seen fail out on the trails have surprisingly been Warns. I have been beating the crap out of my cheapie eBay X Bull winch for years and it has never let me down. As much as people love to praise Warn I...
  8. Ron84cj


    Yikes. I heard they were bad but not that bad! I never really looked into the diesels until now. Geez, so the only other engine choice in these things is the 3.6L Pentastar? 🤮 Those things also have a terrible track record.
  9. Ron84cj

    3.92's axle gears in AMC20/D30 combo?

    Forget the T5. There are other way better swaps. An AX15 is a very easy swap for the 360 and will hold up fine with a decent driver. The AX15 has an overdrive of .79 33s with the .79 5th gear at 70 mph would be about 2300. I would say that is a great all around setup. 35s with the .79 5th...
  10. Ron84cj

    CJ5 Trench digger

    Ok. This is pretty neat! https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/656189109866141/?mibextid=dXMIcH
  11. Ron84cj

    What's on your Work Bench?

    Yes. You are correct. I can't believe how many times I've had to explain this to people. It's really not hard to understand.
  12. Ron84cj

    My Blue Jeep

    My tread depth is now down to about 5/32 on my tires. Once these are used up, I'm swapping over the other axles and getting 35s. I really thought I would have done this last year already but my tires are hanging in there longer than I expected. I won't hardly get anything for them if I sold them...
  13. Ron84cj

    Another Scrambler Purchase/Road Trip - UPDATE- BODY ON FRAME AGAIN

    This thing is going to be really tall again. Lol. Both of our Jeeps were about the same height before I had my sagged 2.5" springs warrantied. You got a lot of use out of these, certainly a lot more than I did out of my BDS springs. That's awesome. I keep hearing people say that the newer RE...
  14. Ron84cj

    LS to AX15

    Since it has been almost exactly 2 years and several thousands of miles later since I did setup #2 I thought I would provide an update. It feels exactly like the day I put it in. Absolutely smooth as butter, way better than the external slave setup in my opinion. Very highly recommend.
  15. Ron84cj

    Hub Lockout

    I would be more concerned about what rust there is on the body and frame. On the frame look the whole thing over inside and out. They like to rot out near the rear spring hangers because water has nowhere to drain there.
  16. Ron84cj

    10 year picture challenge.

    For me, It never bothered me putting in all the snaps for a top or an original tonneau cover. It's what they did at the dealers when they were new. So to me, it's "correct" if that makes sense. So drill away!
  17. Ron84cj

    10 year picture challenge.

    I'm pretty sure it's about a 10 year interval here. And.......the rust is coming back. I'm so sick of it. I really don't care if people frown on fiberglass. I am seriously considering it. Aquallu was another great option. But that isn't in my budget this year and from what I understand they...
  18. Ron84cj

    Current Scrambler pics

    GreatCJ8, thanks for the laugh. I sent the wife your picture of the comparison between the cow and the Jeep in the wind tunnel and she just busted out laughing. Lol. Good stuff
  19. Ron84cj

    My Newest Project - Me !?!?

    Thank God! Awesome news!
  20. Ron84cj

    Gr8Dain's 4.0/aw4 swap from a 97 XJ

    Yup. Like I said in my other post, 150 mph when he redlines in overdrive. That's such a scary thought. Lol