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  1. AdamH

    Alaskan Postal CJ-8 factory build oral history - what do you want to know?

    To add to this ….. the rear bumper seems to be so close to the bumpers used on the Ram D100 trucks. I’ve actually considered finding a Ram truck one to compare. Looking at my original it wouldn’t surprise me they took the Ram truck ones and cut off the brackets and welded new ones.
  2. AdamH

    Cj-8 Hot Wheels and Matchbox

    I caved and bought the new Scrambler one off eBay last week
  3. AdamH

    Current Scrambler pics

    Interesting that they put the standard rear Scrambler bumper on it. The original one was probably missing.
  4. AdamH

    '84 Postal - Do What?!?

    Nope. Surprisingly it’s in great shape
  5. AdamH

    '84 Postal - Do What?!?

    Fortunately I have a good friend / neighbor that we swap labor on projects. While he’s a MOPAR guy with some amazing cars he’s also got a fairly original 81 CJ7 Renegade so he gets the Jeep thang
  6. AdamH

    '84 Postal - Do What?!?

    That would be cool. I’ve seen a few pics of the one they have but nothing in detail. It’d help all of us to see how that one was done !
  7. AdamH

    '84 Postal - Do What?!?

    Getting a dismantled Postal top back on…. I don’t wish this evil on anyone Ok. Drama queen in check - it wasn’t horrible but not what I imagined. I still have the 6 door pieces to install and final gap alignment but not being able to put the windshield up for the final time has stopped me in...
  8. AdamH

    360 carb options

    I’ve since replaced the truck avenger with a FiTech system
  9. AdamH

    DOJO's 1st OCHO

    RC stands for Rough Country = 'nuff said I also have never liked how RC stuff rides - both their leaf spring set-ups and coil springs. I have driven many of both. @DOJOLOACH if interested you are welcome to come take a ride in my BDS equipped Scrambler. it's only 2.5" and it's a front YJ...
  10. AdamH

    The '83 - Family Man

    No leaks at all and it runs like a champ once it’s fired up. It just looses all pressure when it sits. The Force Fuel tank is fully serviceable and taking it apart takes little effort / time. I’ll take it apart and check the internal filters.
  11. AdamH

    The '83 - Family Man

    Heat issues seem to be solved. Time will tell ….. now I have a new problem. I hope I didn’t jinx myself earlier talking about how I’ve had nothing but good things to say about FiTech and my experiences with them In both this Jeep and multiple others. The Jeep sat for 3 months without being...
  12. AdamH

    Newb ‘84 Build

    Overall that tub looks good!
  13. AdamH

    A 7. Not an 8

    interesting patina - not that its a bad thing, just interesting how the paint faded down the sides. Keep it as-is
  14. AdamH

    '84 Postal - Do What?!?

    I get a buddy to stand in the Jeep and hold the windshield in position while I loosen the 4 bolts on the brackets. Then he slowly and evenly applies pulling pressure until it doesn’t seem to want to move anymore and then I snug the 4 bolts back down. Rinse and repeat often
  15. AdamH

    '84 Postal - Do What?!?

    LOL. Yea I knew I’m screwed with visibility just thought I was missing something more!
  16. AdamH

    '84 Postal - Do What?!?

    @bigwalton Am I missing something obvious with having the tire mounted in that location? I used a factory mount and from eye-balling it the top should clear it.
  17. AdamH

    '84 Postal - Do What?!?

    Top install is halted due to having to get the windshield seal to compress enough / put dash together. I’m SO ready to get the top off my floor!
  18. AdamH

    '84 Postal - Do What?!?

    Messed around a bit today doing odds and ends. Biggest success was getting the spare mounted. Just barely fit
  19. AdamH

    Advice needed: Looking at buying a project cj-8

    @DOJOLOACH FWIW - CRC Powdercoating in Mooresville will blast and powder coat your frame for less than $500 which includes transfer skid and other small bits usually. There are pros and cons to powder versus paint but for me personally I always pick powder coat. Just a thought. I do their...