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  1. One ton

    heads up.... well maybe

    On one hell of a scrambler!!! I think time has come to let this one have a new home. If i can figure out how to post pics this week and a few more days to think it over i will post it in classified for sale if i make up my mind. It needs nothing. a true no rust scrambler. Just need to talk to...
  2. One ton

    heads up.... well maybe

    On one hell of a scrambler!!! I think time has come to let this one have a new home. If i can figure out how to post pics this week and a few more days to think it over i will post it in classified for sale if i make up my mind. It needs nothing. a try no rust scrambler. Just need to talk to...
  3. One ton

    No power to power brakes..

    I have a power brake booster and master cylinder i picked up out of a 84 cj 7 will it fit in my 83 scrambler , or should i say what will i need to do to make the swap work.
  4. One ton

    Steering stabilizer gone!!!

    maybe for good. after finally having ever thing on the old black 8 replaced in the front end I had decided to take it and have front end aligned, after all the new stuff it just would not drive like i thought it should. it would wander and you had to stay after it, my son would not drive it...
  5. One ton

    Play in Steering Column up and down.. what is going on?

    I just replaced steering box,new heavy duty brace and found that the column has play up and down.. If you take both hands and push down on the steering wheel it will move down about 1/4 inch..then pop back up. Dont think it should do this but what is making it do this? anyone every had there...
  6. One ton

    Scrambler to the rescue

    We had to put the Scrambler and the old 8274 to the test tonight, I was down in the bottom pushing some trees out of the way that had fell and got to close to a old ditch and over she went... The more I tried the stucker I got. Didn't think I was going to get my tractor out, so I went to the...
  7. One ton

    33 x10.50x15 Whats you thought ..

    On runing them on 7" rims ? was going with 33x12.50 but BFG makes a 10.50 Has any one used the 10.50? Looks like it would get better ware. :shrug:
  8. One ton

    Insurance on your Scrambler

    With Antique tags in Va my Insurance said i need to get my Scrambler Appraised if i want more then Liability insurance on it. That is all it has now is just liability So i hope nothing happens to it. With the other Scrambler i had classic cars insurance on it and if you did not have more then...
  9. One ton

    heat and fuel gauge trouble

    When i start my jeep both gauges go as far to the right as they can go, like it is full of fule and temp is running hot. anyone know what i need to look for or how to test it.
  10. One ton

    Painless aint Painless

    Just thought i would throw this out there, Me and luke ( 53d scrambler) got painless kits # P/N 10110 for or jeeps and both had the front turn signals were wired wrong in the kit, what happend was that when you would turn on the right side the left would blink and Vice versa. had to go in and...
  11. One ton

    Cost of a 8274, How much is to much?

    Got a chanch to get a super nice 8274 with mounting bracket but will need to do just a little work to make it fit just right, has a 3 prong connector for the hand held remote. Is 700.00 to much to pay just have a 8274 when you can get a new Q-tec for half that.
  12. One ton

    Can not get the Oil gage to work,

    Got power, good ground, But how do you check to see if the sending unit is puting out with the engine runing? :banghead: I'm sure it is got oil presure it is a brand new motor and you can hear oil run back down in it. What should i try? I did replace the sending unit. :confused:
  13. One ton

    diffrent size skid plats from a t-176 to a t-4 or t-5

    I'm trying to put my trans in and skid plate will not work. It is not right, Was there diff size plates? If i move it up to line up holes in trans it hanghs ove the side of the frame. :banghead::banghead::banghead::banghead:
  14. One ton

    weber carb question

    Does anyone know anything about a WEBER OUTLAW 38 DGES? :banghead: If so pm me your number got a few questions.
  15. One ton

    Bellhousing Question..

    got two bellhousings both for a T-176, One has a small hole for the shift fork and one has a big hole, what is the difference or reason for this.
  16. One ton

    What trans to use T18 or T176, what would you use?

    What would be the best to use, Going to use the new Scrambler we are building this time around the farm, and to 4 wheel some, take hunting,cut wood. So I;m asking what would be the best combo. 258 with t 18, or a t 176? dont wont to put the t 4 back in it at all. What gear would you use with...
  17. One ton

    Scrambler Build #2 for me(The Lucky Rabbit foot Scrambler)

    After selling the Orange Scrambler my son was not very happy with me at all. I said to him we would find one one day to do, and after looking it was my son that found this one. He was on his way home from his last day of school for the summer and his grand mother took a different way from school...
  18. One ton

    Going to be a Scrambler owner again....

    I hope. Found one this week and made an offer and the man took it. Its been in a barn for the last 16 years, runs and drives, so NO RUST :bacon: Well just a little in the windsheld frame. But tub is, well if we get it you will see. I think it has the original paint. keepin my fingers crossed...
  19. One ton

    Soft top hardware

    What is it worth? It's all there and orginal Thanks Curtis
  20. One ton

    Could this really be a Scrambler

    Took the wife for her first ride in the Scrambler today and we stoped buy a thrift store and i seen this old Avon bottle that looked like a Scrambler to me :shrug: . Have any one ever seen anything like this? Could it be a Scrambler? :shrug::shrug: Even had the old box, It is old.