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    Epic fails

    I posted this in Craigslist finds but I think it belongs here In epic fails. Where to start? Year? Model? V8? Dual parking breaks? Interior from WHAT? Interesting patina pattern? https://houston.craigslist.org/cto/d/conroe-1995-cj5/7656845114.html

    Craigslist and Estate Sale finds!

    Huh? https://houston.craigslist.org/cto/d/conroe-1995-cj5/7656845114.html

    Sharing my Audio Plans

    I thought about going with a hidden head unit or retrosound. I ended up replacing all of the heating and AC and installing a restomod air system. This pushed me to get a custom dash from DoubleD fab so that I could cut in proper vents, auxiliary switches and the heat/ ac controls.

    Sharing my Audio Plans

    Head unit - Kenwood Excelon KMM-X503 $130 6 RCA Out - 6 Channel Preamp outputs Front Dash Speakers - 2x Polk Audio DB 522 $80 + $7 5.25 inch 2-way 100 watts RMS Frequency range 55-22,000 Hz Sensitivity 91 dB Mounted behind cutouts in metal dash with...

    Sharing my Audio Plans


    Sharing my Audio Plans

    Posting this in case anyone is interested in audio upgrades in your scrambler. Everything in my build is bolt into stock scramblers with 2 exceptions: 1. the head unit is single DIN but could be substituted with RetroSound unit 2. the stock alternator output may not support the additional draw...

    What's on your Work Bench?


    What's on your Work Bench?


    What's on your Work Bench?

    Getting ready to push some sound out of the Scrambler...
  10. TXJEEP

    Meet Red, my 81 Restomod Build

    You could sell those. I’m a buyer
  11. TXJEEP

    Are the Scramblers getting to valuable to enjoy

    I built a 65 Mustang several years ago that got out of control and ended up too nice to drive. I tore down my Scrambler 6 years ago swearing not to do that again. It’s gotten out of control again but hopefully not to the Mustang level. I was talking to my engine guy yesterday who just sold his 5...
  12. TXJEEP

    Flat Towing Scrambler

    I’m sorry if there has already been discussion on the subject, but I cannot find one. I am curious about flat towing my AUTOMATIC Scrambler. I am wondering what is required vs. recommended with regard to front hubs, drive shafts, transfer case, and transmission. Other forums seem to have a lot...
  13. TXJEEP

    Steering Box Replacement

    My public apology to opelgtboy. I took his money and sent him an incomplete product missing hardware. My bad as I did not fully inspect the package. I have refunded his money as I would never intentionally cheat someone on this or any board. I will put myself on probation for my infraction. Sorry.
  14. TXJEEP

    Wrangler side bars on a CJ?

    I owned an early YJ and went through the process of lowering the windshield with this setup. My opinion is that they make a great grab bar on the highway but not much else.
  15. TXJEEP

    '84 Postal - Do What?!?

    :popcorn: :headbang:
  16. TXJEEP

    Steering Box Replacement

    Link to part: https://www.rustysoffroad.com/jeep-steering-components-conversions-upgrades/jeep-steering-box-braces/rustys-steering-box-bracket-cj.html I chose Redhead gear for the steering box. They give you the option of steering assist ports if you are adding that now or in the future...
  17. TXJEEP

    Steering Box Replacement

    I have a steering box bracket from rusty’s off-road. I accidentally ordered two of them 6 months apart and found the old one after install. PM me if interested, I’ll make you a deal.
  18. TXJEEP

    EV Conversion

    Almost a week later with no response to my request for more information. Oh well. It might be early in the EV lifecycle for good options. Electric GT is interesting but $60k+ is out of the spectrum in my view. What GM is doing with a common platform for any vehicle is potentially the future...
  19. TXJEEP

    EV Conversion

    I just came across this site this morning. I requested more information out of my burning curiosity, but has anyone seen this or investigated this setup? https://erevon.com/