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  1. MN-Paul

    Any love for the 304 V8

    I have had 2 304's 1. in a 1981 cj7, 3 speed auto, dana 300, 4.10 gears. 33" tires. was built up. the auto robbed the power, in my opinion. 2. in a 1985 cj7, 5 speed, dana 300, 4.10 gears, 33" tires. was blue printed and balanced. It was built. It went.
  2. MN-Paul

    I6 to AMC V8 Swap, Power Steering, Questions

    Removed the 258. swapped in a 304. Bought a new power steering pump. Kept the 258 power steering lines onto the gear box. Went to hook up the high preasue hose. It will not fit. 258 has a o ring on the high presure hose. Is the 304 a flared hose? Did I get the wrong one from Napa...
  3. MN-Paul

    Hard top color?

    Does anyone know the paint code for 1985 tan hard top. Or what the color is called? I call it honey. (Tan).
  4. MN-Paul

    3/16 brake line holders

    Anyone know if they make factory style hard brake line holders? Mine are rusty on one side. Undercoating on the other. Let me know. Or if you have NOS ones. Thanks, Paul.
  5. MN-Paul

    1985 cj7 redo

    Complete overhaul starting. Started out with a 304 swap, T5 swap, removed the 6 and T176. Keep watching. The body will be off the frame soon. Sent from my ADR6350
  6. MN-Paul

    Factory Tow Hooks

    Anyone have a picture of factory front tow hooks? What are you guys using? I don't want the Napa specials that need the frame drilled to make work. let me know what your using.
  7. MN-Paul

    Amc V8 headers

    I was thinking of putting in frame shorty headers on my 304. Wondering if anyone has put a set on? What brand? And if they like them? Or would you prefer the stock exhaust manifolds. I have had fenderwall headers in the past. Really don't want to go that route.
  8. MN-Paul

    Re: Another new supporting member: MN-Paul

    Re: Another new supporting member: MN-Paul I had my factory rims powder coated, bright silver. Then put on a flat black pin strip. Repainted the center cap. What do you guys think. Also put new tires on. Sent from my ADR6350
  9. MN-Paul

    258 To 304 Swap

    I found another 304, complete fan to bell housing out of a 1979 cj7. Low millage. I can't remember on the frame side motor mounts, if only the passenger side is differant. Than the 258. I will be going Tuesday to look at it and more-n-likey buy it for ($250 or best offer). Any other parts...
  10. MN-Paul

    Front axle rebuild Dana 30 questions????

    I have a stock Dana 30 front axle in my 1985 cj. 2.73 stock gears. worn balljoints. I don't know about the bearings. I bought 4.10 gears to match the back. New carrier for the gears. New Lock-Rite locker. Master install kit. Do I buy the cheeper balljoints OR what ones? What bearings are...
  11. MN-Paul

    If not using OEM seats, What are you using?

    I need seats in time. I have Honey colored seats. Renegade CJ7. What are people using instead of OEM? Hard to find oem honey seats.
  12. MN-Paul

    Under hood light bulb size?

    What is the correct bulb for the engine light. The one on the hood. I thought 1156. I can't remember. I have seen all sorts of bulb sizes in used CJ's.
  13. MN-Paul

    speedo stopped

    I just put in a new speedometer gear in the transfer case. Correct one for the 4.10 gears. Worked good for about 100 miles or so. The needle was good till 50 mph then started shacking pretty good. Then at lower speeds. Then today it went to 85 mph and stopped on the peg. Just lays...
  14. MN-Paul

    Factory tach wiring

    I just installed a factory tachometer. It is mounted. I have 4 wires coming out of it. 1. Black ground wire, I get where it goes. 2. Orange wire for the light, put that one with the clock orange. 3. Red wire? 4. Red wire? Both red wires have differant ends on them. I'm wondering if I...
  15. MN-Paul

    1985 cj7

    I bought a 1985 Jeep CJ7 from Las Vegas a couple of weeks ago. Looks good from a few feet away. It needed a heater core. The dash was messed up. I put in a new heater core, new yj blower motor. Redid the entire dash with a new used one. Looks good now. Needs new rims and tires soon. I...
  16. MN-Paul

    258 to a 304, Same fly wheel?

    I have a 1982 258 with a T5 and a Dana 300. Want to put a Amc 304 to the T5. Are the fly wheels the same? How about bushings?
  17. MN-Paul

    Amc 304

    I bought a 304. Built April 11th 1973. That is what I believe any way. It is all stock and complete. Following Items I need: Power steering set. Correct altenator brackets. Any AMC V8 guys on here with good knowledge of these motors. Suggestions and...
  18. MN-Paul

    15x7 stock rims. restore to factory

    I have a set of factory white spoke rims. Not rusted. I want to have them blasted and painted. Wondering on how to get the black outline stripe back on them? What have people done? I'm not a pinstripper. Anyone ever powder coat there rims? Any suggest would be great.