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  1. wylder

    My fix for half top stripped bulkhead fasteners

    That is a good fix! Wylder
  2. wylder

    Finally got my Laredo wheel restored

    I had mine redone by Kim Dawson about a year ago, beautiful work. So nice I'm nervous touching it . Your jeep reminds me off a hot red CJ7 I had in high school, love that color.
  3. wylder

    Rubber Bushings For Seatbelts On Hardtop

    I also just bought this kit. Filled the hole perfectly.
  4. wylder

    Center console lock

    If you can't find an original lock, locks from a 1966 chevy Belair will fit and look the same .
  5. wylder

    Solenoid question

    Jeep was dead again 10.4 volts after seeming to be fine for a couple of weeks. When I put key into start/Hot position I got 10.4v. As an experiment I disconnected the red/white wire that gives full voltage when starting and get 0.04 volts with the key off. I believe this wire is spliced into...
  6. wylder

    Solenoid question

    I rechecked the solenoid and everything checks out . Jeep starts/runs fine. Maybe I was grounding out the solenoid somehow. One of those mysterious Jeep things!
  7. wylder

    Solenoid question

    Couple questions. I was mucking about in the engine bay cleaning up some wiring and I found when I took the solenoid off the fender all four posts were hot. when it's grounded I get nothing. Is that normal? I also found that the bypass wire on the Solenoid has a constant 0.01volts, key on or...
  8. wylder

    Current Scrambler pics

    Girl got new shoes. New/OLD Goodyears I had in the shed.
  9. wylder

    Rear Bumper end caps

    Quality product! Would buy again.
  10. wylder

    Spare Tire Rack repair/upgrade (oem)

    I wanted to keep my original bumper so I modified my factory tire carrier for two Jerry cans. I've thought about enclosing it or at least half of it and storing jumper cables and tools. Did this about 14 yrs ago and it's still solid. I used hardened shoulder bolts in the hinges. Make sure...
  11. wylder

    Bumper end caps fit what?

    I think the plastic caps came on multiple years of stepside. Both my 81' and 82' had plastic end caps. But knowing AMC they probably used whatever was on the shelf .
  12. wylder

    Headlight dimmer switch and carpet!?

    I mounted my switch over the carpet. No problems so far. Wylder
  13. wylder

    Bumper end caps fit what?

    The slight misalignment doesn't bug me but if you wanted you could grind them to match. I have a set of spares to replace my CJ endcaps if I bust them, GOD forbid.
  14. wylder

    Bumper end caps fit what?

    The end caps will fit either a CJ or J10. The bumpers have a slight difference .
  15. wylder

    Jeep J10

    Thanks Randyzzz, watching Polarfires build has inspired me to save up for a paint job.
  16. wylder

    Jeep J10

    I've had a few J truck projects and love how rugged and simple to work on they are. People do seem to like the Scramblers more than the trucks but the stepside J trucks definitely get looks. Attaching a link to my silver J truck. https://photos.app.goo.gl/G2Twj8mwzPVbgzvw5
  17. wylder

    Laredo grab bar rewrap?

    Kim does awesome work. My Nutmeg grab bar is sweet! Really should have my wheel redone to match.
  18. wylder

    World Cab Top For Sale-SOLD

    Do you have any of the hinges/ mounting hardware, side glass or pop out window hardware.
  19. wylder

    Hey Kim, we bought a set of your endcaps in 2017 and would like to buy another set for a new...

    Hey Kim, we bought a set of your endcaps in 2017 and would like to buy another set for a new project. Thanks, Kate and Ernie