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    Needing direction...

    Nice looking bird. That 6 cylinder is a smooth running engine.
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    New to me 83 CJ8 Laredo!!

    Salvage titles typically aren't that big of a deal, except for financing. My insurance didn't even mind the salvage title. My pickup had a salvage title from an accident it had within 1 year of being new. Each state has different values (a percentage of damage vs book or a flat value. South...
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    Chevy conversion questions?? Check out that link. I thought I remembered something about the 4.3 usually taking the larger flywheel/clutch combo.
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    Spankrjs' 1984 Long Term Project

    Sad to see this one go. Hopefully the new members visit here. I copied much of my build from information I gained here.... minus 2 cylinders. Thanks for the always thorough write ups!
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    Chevy conversion questions??

    You can get an np241c from a 1990-91 suburban that is right hand output with a speed sensor in place of speedo cable. 1988-89 had a provision for speedo cable, but no speed sensor (I used pass through). Pass through speed sensor will allow you to use your factory speedo, and give the computer...
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    The story of Peggy's jeep.

    Just make sure to grab the special lock tool when you get the puller... otherwise you will make a second trip like I did!
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    The story of Peggy's jeep.

    Found a bit of motivation to get moving again. Took a day off work and a friend came over. We installed the 4” BDS lift springs. Since these springs were used, I tore the spring packs apart and wire wheeled each individual leaf. After that I painted them. Finally I put new Teflon pads and...
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    Someone called it a TJ 6

    I thought of running duals as well, but everywhere I looked was a tight fit. What pushed me to do it this was is how the O2 sensor works on the TBI 4.3. On the V8s, it is common to have the O2 sensor on one side, as each injector feeds 2/4 cylinders on each side. On the 4.3 an injector only...
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    Someone called it a TJ 6

    Did you find a manifold that worked well for your exhaust? I bought 2, 2 1/4” J bends from jegs. I used the factory s10 manifolds and cut and welded the J bends from the passenger manifold around the starter under the front of the pan. It then joins with the drivers side by the brake...
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    The story of Peggy's jeep.

    Got new drivelines installed with Tom woods driveshafts front and rear. Rear is a 24.5” CV style, front is a 42” standard CJ front with 1.25” tube. Both use 1310 joints. Got a new style flush mount JB Custom fabrication cable shifter. No idea how I will get it to fit at this point. Very...
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    ‘82 Engine Swap & Restification

    I used an impact with a wobble when I removed my roll bar. Broke 4 off, was able to weld a nut on top - or bottom from underneath the jeep. If you grind the broken off bolt flush with the floor, you can then weld a nut and screw the bolt out from the bottom.
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    The story of Peggy's jeep.

    If anyone else is looking at an NP241C... check out the early models with the shorter front output. They have the standard 2” spline bore - like a 203/205 with 32 splines. So, then you can buy a 1310 non cv end yoke. You will need to change the seal though, as the end yoke has a larger seal...
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    The story of Peggy's jeep.

    I’ve finished quite a few of the squawks. I used the resistor I had laying around to start the alternator, in line with ignition power. Oil pressure and temp senders are hooked up and working. Biggest improvement was a 2 pulse pass through VSS from Howell. Without the VSS the computer...
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    Electric Cooling Fan

    Check out summit or jegs to get some ideas. They sell everything from complete units to DIY shrouds. The cooling area of my radiator is 16x24. I have a Mr Gasket 16" single speed fan and the stock 4.3 mechanical fan that I am choosing from. If I run the electric I will power it with the...
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    How to properly secure a child seat in the rear bench seat?

    Morning, I've handled this a couple ways. My Tahoe had leather seats and no anchors (like newer vehicles). I used a 500 lb ratchet strap through the seat to the seat mounts, then ran the seat belt over this. That made it tight enough that it wouldn't wiggle. I have the Bestop fold and tumble...
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    Times They Are A Changin'

    Congrats! Its quite a fun adventure.
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    The story of Peggy's jeep.

    Wiring/gauge information: GM TBI has 2 temp senders. One for the computer, 1 for the temp gauge. The sending unit in the intake with a yellow wire is for the computer. The one in the passenger side cylinder head is for the gauge. It is 3/8” npt, the jeep sending unit it 1/8” npt. A hex...
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    The story of Peggy's jeep.

    I skipped a few updates... I cleaned the inner fenders and fogged it with rustoleum glass white. Recalled cleaned it up. I reinstalled the front clip. I cobbled the factory s10 exhaust and clamped a flow master on. This will be temporary until I get the exhaust professionally done...
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    The story of Peggy's jeep.

    Decided to be productive. I had a couple friends come over and we installed the engine/trans/transfer case. The 4.3 fits very well. I offset the engine 1.5” to the drivers side as recommended. I tried to clock the transfer case up 20 degrees from standard on the 241c, but that clearly...
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    The story of Peggy's jeep.

    Dang, I already ordered a plastic replacement along with the skid plate. 4wd had free shipping and pretty descent prices on both. Hopefully it all gets here soon. Hoping to have the engine/trans in on Wednesday.