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    Cold engine sputtering. Not sure where to start. Howell TBI, DUI.

    Thanks for the replies. I should clarify that my "Cold" is roughly 50º F at the coldest (San Diego). I am running the original intake but I recently replaced the exhaust manifold/gasket. Air cleaner is an after market Air Raid unit for the Howel. I'm pretty sure my timing is accurate but I've...
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    Cold engine sputtering. Not sure where to start. Howell TBI, DUI.

    Hey guys, I have a 258 with only 76k miles and I've installed a Howell TBI unit as well as a DUI distributor. All the vacuum lines have been replaced. I have a sputter, it's most apparent when first starting a cold engine (as in the video). When it's warm out or when the engine is warmed up and...
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    Just a warning

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    HELP! Starter won't stop cranking and battery wire is melting

    My battery has been fading a bit over the past couple months. This morning I went to back out of my driveway and some idiot almost hit me. I slammed on my brakes and the Jeep died for some reason. I tried restarting it and the battery died after about 10 seconds of cranking. When I went to jump...
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    2015 Ford Troller (Pic)

    Ford revamped their Troller line for 2015 (Brazil only). The new model has a 3.2 Diesel with a 6-speed manual trans. Why won't Ford/Sabaru and others release their Diesel powered cars in the states? Clearly the TDI Jetta is a huge seller.
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    Tuffy Console Fail [Video] I suggest you check yours...

    Well I discovered this by accident today. Lean your weight on the arm rest, push the button and pull up and down... Opens right up when locked. Hopefully mine is a defect. Can anyone else replicate? :angry:
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    Got an old leaf spring? Turn it into an awesome knife. [VIDEO]

    This guy has some skills. I do have my stock springs somewhere in the yard...
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    2015 Jeep Renegade NY Auto Show - 30MPG

    Jeep officially announced the new 2015 Well, not as bad as the new Cherokee.
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    Land Rover Invisible Hood Technology. Can we get this on the CJ?? [VIDEO]

    Pretty amazing technology that would come in handy for those tricky climbs
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    I'd trade my Scrambler for this... Not sure he would do a straight trade though :)
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    New Problem: Put it in gear, dies! I'm lost on this one guys.

    I'm stumped on this one as I do not know much about transmissions, torque converters or transfer cases. Everything has been running great since I did the Howell TBI and DUI dizzy around 6 months back. The Jeep has pretty much been my daily driver. I parked it last night like any other and this...
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    What did you do with your Scrambler today? August 2013 version

    Went paddle boarding. With a bunch of friend with cars.
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    Class 3+ Hitch that works with a 20ga tank?

    Does anyone know a good brand of hitch that's Class 3 or higher and works with an 82 with the 20 gallon fuel tank? Thanks.
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    Final Howell TBI Question. Idle Speed....

    I have the CA version of the Howell TBI where they cap off the idle air adjustment. My unit by default is idling around 1250rpm at start and drops to about 1000rpm after 20 seconds or so. I drilled out the cap and followed the Howell instructions to set the idle which worked great until I...
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    Has anyone seen the Handibot CNC Machine?

    This thing looks amazing. They mostly show wood cutting demos but I'll bet those Jeep/Solidworks fans could start making some pretty heavy duty custom mods, brackets, etc with this thing. Link to Kickstarter page
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    Fresh Howell TBI install. Question about noise under load [WITH VIDEO]

    Well, I went down and bought a new manifold. After some serious cursing I managed to get the old one out and the new doorman unit on. It was the only one I found with the O2 sensor. In fact, it looked identical to the original. It came with the air plugs, and gasket for $203. The jeep now sounds...
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    Fresh Howell TBI install. Question about noise under load [WITH VIDEO]

    I just finished installing my Howell TBI CA kit on my 82' 8 with a DUI. Other than my exhaust manifold bolts being near impossible to remove the install went great and made an amazing difference in power and reliability. I haven't driven it much since there is a strange knocking sound when the...
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    Steering Wheel Wiggle/Play on Tilt Column

    Thanks for the replies! I finally had some time today to dive in and fix this. It wasn't as bad as I expected. I was excited to see the entire turn signal plastic piece come off as one single part. The two most difficult sections were getting off the two pivot pins (I used the tip in your link...
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    Steering Wheel Wiggle/Play on Tilt Column

    My 82 has started to develop a bit of a wiggle in the steering wheel. It's also a bit more difficult to put the jeep in gear (automatic) when parked on a hill. Sometimes reverse doesn't kick in and I need to move the shifter to drive and then back to reverse to engage. I was hoping for a...