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  1. tower210

    ‘82 Engine Swap & Restification

    I might have cheated a bit on the front axle placement; but not with the shackle reversal (that I know). The SR was on it when I got it; so I didn't have a before and after to compare. When I got the custom springs; I wanted it centered a tiny bit more; Alcan put the spring perch pin either...
  2. tower210

    ‘82 Engine Swap & Restification

    I'm guessing stock width and 35s is going to give up some turning radius.... I'm likely going Izuzu D44 rear; just re-drill the rotors and add a locker and be done with it.... '63-69 J-200, J-2000 65.5" '63-69 J-300, J-3800 65.75" '70- 72, Gladiator J-2000 frnt-63.5" rr-63.81" '70- 72...
  3. tower210

    Adams Familys next Scrambler BUILD!

    I mean 1 JA to 3 Adams boys..... I
  4. tower210

    ‘82 Engine Swap & Restification

    Found this link....Might need to get in touch with Bob at TNT.... Too bad the pix on the links are dead....
  5. tower210

    Adams Familys next Scrambler BUILD!

    But they outnumber you 3 to 1!!!
  6. tower210

    ‘82 Engine Swap & Restification

    I'm running 295/70/17 tires (measure about 33.5 dia. - most equivalent to a 34" tire) on 17" method wheels (8.5" W x 4.75 BS). Tires stick out about 3" on each side... I know that 1" spacers wouldn't keep them out of my springs (tried). I do have a shackle reversal; but that shouldn't have...
  7. tower210

    ‘82 Engine Swap & Restification

    I'm headed this direction as soon as funds are there... I want to be 60-61" wide (safe clearance to springs on both side at full lock). I currently have 2" spacers (I know, I know, but its temporary) allow the correct width. With 7 deg caster and an alignment it tracks down the highway at 75...
  8. tower210

    ‘82 Engine Swap & Restification

    Can the Mods copy out the the front axle discussion and make it it's own thread? This stuff is gold
  9. tower210

    Master Cylinder Rebuild

    Hopefully the calipers are in better shape.
  10. tower210

    World Cab Top For Sale

    pm sent
  11. tower210

    My Big Red Scrambler

    I went ahead and pulled the trigger on one....not sure I need it yet; but good to know I have it...
  12. tower210

    Eating crow for supper

    Nice work!!
  13. tower210

    What's on your Work Bench?

    How much for the knuckles?
  14. tower210

    locking hubs on 1981

    I’m running superwinch, they look kinda like the warm premium ones....but are cheaper. I’ve had mixed results with them. One of them liked to get stuck engaged....
  15. tower210

    Tremec TR-4050 5-speed Kit

    Everybody's different on BBQ; but I'd put all of these above bryants at this point... BB's Lawnside Joe's KC Haywards Q39 Jack Stack
  16. tower210

    Tremec TR-4050 5-speed Kit

    Sounds good! We can do way better than Bryant’s too!!
  17. tower210

    Tremec TR-4050 5-speed Kit

    You can come to KC and drive mine
  18. tower210

    Speedhut CJ speedo gauge temp warning

    Looking up just now.... Looks like 195 is OEM for 1994 4.0
  19. tower210

    Tremec TR-4050 5-speed Kit

    The other variable is shift quality. Nv-4500 shifts like a HD truck; which isn’t much fun. Ax-15 and Nv-3500 are much nicer....