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    Seat bracket question

    Both of the 1982 Scramblers I have owned had/have the fixed driver's side bracket and the flip passenger side. My first one was an early 82 (lap belt only) and the current one is a later 82 (shoulder belt). Both had a seat slider only on the driver's side.
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    Bestop Full Soft Top

    Yes, It comes with everything you need for the installation (except tools and the mental fortitude to drill holes in the body of your jeep!)
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    Bestop Full Soft Top

    That is a pretty good price. I paid $850 for mine plus another $500 for soft doors from Quadratec. It is the only easily purchased NEW soft top on the market right now. (By easily, I mean off the shelf and ready to go). I bought it because I wanted a new top with good plastic and good...
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    2019 EJS and SOA National/Sand Hollow prep/trip

    You have literally eaten at two of my favorite places. Went to BeauJo's and the DAM Brewery alot when we lived in Denver. Sadly, I haven't been back in almost 4 years. I miss it.
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    Newly installed Supertop

    I am running mine with the factory hard doors. A couple of tips I learned (the hard way). The Bestop instructions tell you to adjust your windshield (front or back) to a certain distance to the back of the bed. I did this like the directions stated and THEN tried to put my doors back on. I...
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    Wow, I can't belive it happened.

    You say rough... I say awesome!
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    I politely disagree here and fully support SKT. If you do not want to scroll through a thread dedicated to the Gladiator, then don't scroll through it. I have never understood the people who complain about a single thread on a message board because they are unhappy with the content. If you...
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    Bringing An Overlander Back Home

    So, so pretty!
  9. OGRES

    Bringing An Overlander Back Home

    That is a beautiful jeep! We are definitely going to need to see a LOT more pictures!
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    Best power steering box

    Steering is the next thing I need to tackle as well. Mine turns to the left just fine but whines and squeals turning to the right. PO had the steering brace installed. I know some of the hoses are not in the best shape on mine as well. I am looking to rebuild or buy new.
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    Newly installed Supertop

    I am pretty sure I have mine run just like yours now. I thought that pad would go on the outside of the bar so there would be some meat where the doors come in to create a seal.
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    Windshield frame

    It is a closed Facebook Group. You would have to request to be added to the group to view the messages I believe.
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    Jeep left me stranded today

    Maybe he did. We live in a pretty small town and the tow was literally about 3 miles. When we got back to my house the tow truck driver told me how he had been there before. He used to work with the guy who sold us our house. They worked as city police officers together.
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    Jeep left me stranded today

    I was driving my Scrambler around town this morning enjoying a nice day. I went into a store and when I came out I couldn't get the jeep started. My starter was making an awful noise and the battery seemed weak. I hooked up my jump-starter and tried to fire it up. It seemed like I couldn't...
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    New seat slider - need bolt and nut size help

    Good Advice. Thanks!
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    New seat slider - need bolt and nut size help

    Awesome! I think this is what I was looking for. It would be the nut for the seat to the riser. My jeep didn't come with factory seats this time. I put in a set of Smittybuilt high back adjustable seats and had them bolted in with the 5/16 bolts. I reused the stock slider on the driver's...
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    Fixed or tilt driver seat bracket

    I run a full soft top as well. I wish I had the tumble bracket on the driver's side for mine. It would be much more convenient than moving the seat forward every time I want to throw something in the back.
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    New seat slider - need bolt and nut size help

    I tried the 8mm 1.25 and it was a no go. I have not found 1.0 nuts around here.
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    New seat slider - need bolt and nut size help

    I was in the process of putting a new seat slider on the passenger side yesterday and ran into a problem of not having any original (or any really) nuts that would fit on the new search slider stud bolt. The directions say to use the original nuts from the seats. My original seats were long...
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    Now how did that get in there?

    I haven't had a chance to drive with them yet, but my old ones were crap so anything will be an improvement. I have no idea how that light filled up with so much water. It was working less than a month ago.