14th Annual Silver Lake Sand Blast - Silver Lake, MI - 7/31-8/8 2021


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THIS IS NOT THE OFFICIAL EVENT THREAD! Visit this thread in the Midwest subforum for full information: https://www.cj-8.com/threads/sand-blast-14-july-31-aug-8-2021.51383

With people coming from Virginia and Mississippi (hopefully adding Massachusetts this year!) I just wanted to include a heads up in the main Scrambler Events subforum to let folks know that I posted the event thread for the 14th annual Sand Blast at Silver Lake, MI.

I'm biased, but it's very easily the most family-friendly Jeep event I've ever been to with the beach on Lake Michigan immediately adjacent to the OHV area. We have lots of kids, lots of non-Jeep fun, campfires, hanging out, (optional) group dinners, wrenching, wheeling, scenic rides, two-track rides and of course lots of playing in the sand and great sunsets :cheers:

We have a campground where most folks stay and they reserve an area for us all, so it's a great time even when we're not out playing. Silver Lake ice cream options post-sunset are pretty great too.

Take a look and consider coming up to check it out. This event has had more attendees than the National a couple times :smokin:

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